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Tractor in field

Notes from the Field

Commentary / September 27, 2021
FSE Senior Fellow, Emeritus, Walter Falcon shares observations from Iowa on weather, farming, politics and more.
Encina Hall and its front lawn

Internet Free Speech with Daphne Keller

Commentary / September 27, 2021
Following the election of another Liberal Government, free speech and censorship will soon be back on the table. On this week’s No Nonsense, Tech Law Expert Daphne Keller on the problems of...
Encina Hall and its front lawn

The Sunday Show: The Bad News on Internet Freedom

Commentary / September 26, 2021
Tech Policy Press Podcast with contributions from Daphne Keller
group of people on a submarine

Australia will get nuclear-powered submarines. Some see a proliferation threat.

News / September 24, 2021
The new AUKUS security partnership led to an immediate diplomatic fallout between France and the United States. But beyond the concerns about NATO and the Western alliance, or questions about great-...
Group of people standing on a hill

Stanford history project centers on marginalized Bay Area community

News / September 22, 2021
Stanford historians are illuminating the complex story of environmental damage in San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood.
crowd in seoul

[Us and Them] I’m Korean, You’re Not, and There’s a Fine Line You Can’t Cross

Commentary / September 22, 2021
In a new interview with The Korea Herald, Gi-Wook Shin discusses ethnic homogeneity, its nationalist roots, and the limitations to building multicultural identity in South Korea.
collage of honoree headshots

Winners Announced for the Spring 2021 Stanford e-Japan Award

News / September 22, 2021
Congratulations to our newest student honorees.

Call for Applications: Visiting Fellow in Israel Studies at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

News / September 22, 2021
The visiting fellow will teach at least one course during the quarter of the visit on some aspect of Israel’s politics, society, economy, modern history, technological development and/or regional or...
Joe Biden speaks during an event in the White House September 15, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced a new national security initiative in partnership with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (L) and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

A Better Australia Sub Deal

Commentary / September 21, 2021
The Australian-British-U.S. submarine deal may be a brilliant stroke, but it was done without strategic imagination.
Mongolian parliamentary delegation

Mongolian Parliamentary Delegation Discusses the Nation's Democratic Future

News / September 20, 2021
At an in-person address to a panel of parliament members and Stanford scholars, Speaker Gombojav Zandanshatar assessed the nation's experiment in deliberative democracy and offered reflections...
Combating Information Manipulation

Playbook shares best practices to combat information manipulation

News / September 17, 2021
The playbook will be launched on Monday 20 September at 9:30am ET.
Mofeed-19 logo

Mofeed-19 Podcast Examines Jordan's Response to COVID-19

News / September 15, 2021
The Program on Arab Reform and Democracy (ARD) at CDDRL, in partnership with the Arab Studies Institute, is pleased to announce the release of the second episode of Mofeed-19, a 19-minute video...
screenshot of an instructor and a student

Stanford Alumni Cultivate Future Social Entrepreneurs in China

Blogs / September 14, 2021
SPICE seeks to expand its offerings to students and teachers in China.
Handheld Chinese flag in front of a government building in Beijing, China.

China is Purging Celebrities and Tech Billionaires. But the Problem is Bigger than 'Sissy Men'

Commentary / September 14, 2021
The Los Angeles Times writes about China's new "common prosperity" campaign to narrow the gap between rich and poor. However Scott Rozelle doesn't think "any of these...
Autumn scene on the Stanford campus with a call to apply for APARC's 2022-23 fellowships for Asia schoalrs

APARC Announces 2022-23 Fellowships for Asia Specialists

News / September 14, 2021
The Center offers fellowships for postdoctoral scholars specializing in contemporary Asia, Japan, and Asia health policy and for experts on Southeast Asia.
China flag and rocket in military conflict

China's nuclear build-up

Commentary / September 13, 2021
The great distraction
Taiwan island seen from mid-air.

What the U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan Means for Taiwan

Commentary / September 13, 2021
In a New York Times opinion piece, Center Fellow Oriana Skylar Mastro argues that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan does not represent a potential catalyst for an impending Chinese attack on...
china's nuclear ballistics

China's nuclear build-up: The great distraction

Commentary / September 13, 2021
President Biden is reviewing America’s nuclear posture. By January, we should know what he thinks about U.S. nuclear weapons, what policies should govern them and how many we need. Congress is...
President Biden announces COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Michelle Mello: Biden's New Vaccine Mandates

Q&As / September 13, 2021
President Biden announced sweeping new mandates meant to push an estimated two-thirds of American workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine and stem the tide of the latest Delta wave of the pandemic...
President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine speaks at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

‘Everything is Possible in Ukraine’: President Volodymyr Zelensky Addresses Stanford Community During Historic Visit

News / September 9, 2021
President Zelensky outlined the steps his administration is undertaking to bring increased digitization to Ukraine, curb corruption and create more equitable access to public services for more...
Charles Crabtree teaching

Charles Crabtree Appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor with the Japan Program at APARC

News / September 9, 2021
Crabtree, an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, researches discrimination in politics, particularly in Japan.
Julie Owono & Dr. Niousha Roshani

Program on Democracy and the Internet Launches New Content Policy & Society Lab (CPSL)

News / September 8, 2021
The new project identifies solutions to the main challenges of moderating content online while respecting fundamental human rights.
Young children sort corn outside of a home in a rural village in China.

Forbes: How China’s GDP Growth Fails To Measure Its Standard Of Living: The Tragedy Of The Current Recentralization

News / September 8, 2021
Author Anne Stevenson-Yang exposes the unseen rural China and states that "the best corrective to misunderstandings about this “invisible China” is a book that came out in 2020 and remains the...
man looking at computer

America’s Anti-Hacking Laws Pose a Risk to National Security

Commentary / September 8, 2021
A new piece in Brookings by Riana Pfefferkorn looks at anti-hacking laws