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Afghani women protest

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Protesters attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The Legacy of January 6

Scholars from across FSI reflect on the ongoing ramifications the insurrection is having on America's domestic politics and international influence.
Valdimir Putin making a speech

Will Russia Launch a Full Military Invasion of Ukraine?

Is Russian President Putin prepared to bear the domestic and international costs of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine or will he stop at pressuring NATO and the West for political concessions?
A law enforcement officer meets with community members in Brazil.

Community Policing: A Better Way to Improve Policing or a Bust?

A new study shows that the celebrated practice of community policing may have few, if any, positive impacts on communities in the Global South.



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Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons

Herbert Lin On Cyber Threats And Nuclear Weapons

Q&As / January 5, 2022
In this Q&A, Lin discusses his recently released book Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons. He explains that until this publication, the literature about cyber technology’s impact on the nuclear...
Dr. Hebert Lin

Virtual Workshop for Community College Instructors Will Explore Cyber Threat Across the U.S. Nuclear Enterprise

News / January 4, 2022
SPICE and Stanford Global Studies will offer a free virtual workshop with Dr. Herbert Lin on January 25th, 4:00pm–6:00pm.
Hakeem Jefferson

Welcoming Hakeem Jefferson to CDDRL

News / January 4, 2022
Jefferson, an assistant professor of political science at Stanford University, will join the center as a faculty affiliate.
Factory with lines of robots performing tasks.

The Forces Driving Industrial Automation in China

News / January 4, 2022
"By 2016, China had the world’s largest stock of operational robots. This was a massive increase from 2010, when it trailed Japan, the United States, Germany, and South Korea. To learn why and...
Man smiling

Europe's Defense against Russia is, and should Remain, NATO's Core Mission

Commentary / December 28, 2021
In 1991, some 50 years after NATO’s establishment for the defense of Western Europe against a Soviet military threat, the Warsaw Pact disbanded and the Soviet Union collapsed.
Vladimir Putin

Does the Kremlin Understand Ukraine? Apparently Not

Commentary / December 21, 2021
The abject failure of Russian policy toward Ukraine over the past seven years suggests Vladimir Putin has a flawed understanding of the country.
Russian Flag

Russia’s draft agreements with NATO and the United States: Intended for rejection?

Commentary / December 21, 2021
Russia maintains the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and the most powerful conventional military forces in Europe. Russian military units currently are deployed — uninvited and unwanted — in Ukraine...
Valdimir Putin making a speech

Will Russia launch a full military invasion of Ukraine?

Commentary / December 16, 2021
As Russian troops gather on Ukraine’s borders, the outstanding question is whether Russian President Putin is prepared to bear the domestic and international costs of a full-scale invasion or if he’...
PretermConnect Digital

Preventing Preterm Deliveries Using a Digital Approach

News / December 15, 2021
SHP researchers awarded grant to continue their clinical trial testing out a digital app they hope will prevent preterm births.
Person in suit looking at a smartphone

China’s Fake Twitter Accounts Are Tweeting Into the Void

News / December 15, 2021
China’s state-linked influence operations get very little engagement on Twitter.
Afghans line up in two rows to board a U.S. military plane in August 2021

Master’s Program Alumni and Students Connect to Withdraw Civilians from Afghanistan

News / December 15, 2021
Chelsea Berkey and other Ford Dorsey Master's in International Policy alumni have gone to extraordinary lengths to help extract at-risk Afghan civilians before and after the U.S. withdrawal from...
China Climate change

Accelerating Decarbonization in China and USA through Bilateral Collaboration

News / December 15, 2021
In October 2021, Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy, SCPKU, and China Program with Peking University’s Institute of Energy held closed-door roundtables to promote China and the United States...
headshots of eight high school students

What Does It Mean to Be an American?: Reflections from Students (Part 6)

Blogs / December 14, 2021
Reflections of eight students on the website “What Does It Mean to Be an American?”
Herb Lin

Responding to Fischerkeller on Initiative Persistence

Commentary / December 14, 2021
I have struggled to find something with which I disagree in Michael Fischerkeller’s response to my thought experiment adopting the 2018 U.S. Cyber Command (USCC) Command Vision. A couple of such...
Old man smokes out of a pipe while sitting in a field.

The Threat to China from its Invisible Population

Blogs / December 14, 2021
Author Sam Olsen interviews Scott Rozelle about the findings in his book "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise."
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman (Ret.)

Alexander Vindman Speaks to the Importance of Upholding Democracy at Home and Abroad

News / December 13, 2021
On the World Class Podcast, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman (Ret.) makes the case for why integrity and values are foundational to the success of democracies everywhere.
Graphic of books lined up.

The Economist Lists "Invisible China" as One of the Best Books of 2021

News / December 11, 2021
On December 11, 2021 The Economist published their list of the best books of 2021. Scott Rozelle's newest book, "Invisible China" was listed third on the line up!
Encina Hall and its front lawn

A Message from Beatriz Magaloni, REDI Task Force Chair

News / December 10, 2021
The new Chair of REDI discusses the contents of the REDI report and what we can do now.

New Continuing Studies Course with Clayborne Carson

News / December 10, 2021
Available through Stanford Continuing Studies, "American Prophet: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr." will run online for eight weeks on Thursdays from January 20 through March...
photo of capitol building

The Platform Transparency and Accountability Act: New legislation addresses platform data secrecy

News / December 9, 2021
New legislation, informed by testimony from Nathaniel Persily, Stanford Law professor and Co-director of the Cyber Policy Center, aims to address the concerning disparity between what platforms know...
Arelena Shala, Master's in International Policy ('22)

Geospatial Intelligence as a Means of Promoting International Security

Blogs / December 9, 2021
Arelena Shala, a student in the Class of '22 of the Ford Dorsey Master's in International Policy (MIP) helped pioneer several new projects on geospatial intelligence gathering during her...
photo of a tank

Is Russia preparing for war?

Commentary / December 9, 2021
As Russia builds up forces near Ukraine, it continues to insist its troops are there simply to conduct military exercises. While exercises are routine, they have also historically been used by Russia...
Larry Diamond, center, with the Mosbacher family - Nancy, Bruce, Emily and Jack.

Larry Diamond Named Mosbacher Senior Fellow in Global Democracy at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

News / December 9, 2021
CDDRL’s Larry Diamond, a world-renowned expert on comparative democracy, is recognized for a career of impact on students, policymakers and democratic activists around the world.
The flags of Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) members in ASEAN headquarter at Jalan Sisingamangaraja No.70A, South Jakarta, Indonesia. From left the flags of: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thail

China Wants to Join Southeast Asia’s Nuclear-Free Zone. Why Now?

Commentary / December 9, 2021
President Xi Jinping recently announced that China wants to adhere to Southeast Asia’s nuclear-free zone “as early as possible" to become the first nuclear state to join the pact. Musto finds...
Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin shaking hands

Russia-Ukraine: Biden did the Needed with Putin

Commentary / December 8, 2021
US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin spoke via video link for around two hours on December 7 in a hastily arranged virtual summit to address international concerns over a...