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Russia globe

Don’t Underestimate Russia’s Capabilities, Influence on the Global Stage, says Kathryn Stoner

Q&A / February 2, 2021
Moscow is more capable of disrupting global world order than it is given credit for, FSI Deputy Director Kathryn Stoner argues.
Protesters opposing the February 1 coup in Myanmar

The Myanmar Coup Is a Major Setback, but the Story of Myanmar's Struggle for Democracy Is Not Over

Q&A / February 2, 2021
According to Scot Marciel, former U.S. ambassador to Myanmar and Stanford visiting scholar at APARC, building a democracy is a difficult process that can be upended, particularly when the military is...
Man smiling

Confidence, uncertainty, and trust in AI affect how humans make decisions

Commentary / February 1, 2021
In 2019, as the Department of Defense considered adopting AI ethics principles, the Defense Innovation Unit held a series of meetings across the U.S. to gather opinions from experts and the public...
CISAC Honors Program alum Michael Sulmeyer

CISAC Alumni Selected for Senior Roles in New Administration

News / February 1, 2021
The CISAC Honors Program provides an opportunity for Stanford seniors of all majors who have strong academic records and interest in international security to receive honors in International Security...
An illustration of a U.S. map and COVID-19

Excess Mortality Rates Early in Pandemic Highest Among Blacks

News / February 1, 2021
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been starkly uneven across race, ethnicity and geography, according to a new study led by SHP's Maria Polyakova.
Illustration of coronavirus

Stanford microbiologist stresses importance of vaccines at McNerney town hall

News / January 30, 2021
Dr. David Relman, an esteemed microbiologist, kept returning to the same conclusion as he fielded questions as a guest at Rep. Jerry McNerney’s virtual town hall. No matter what your fears or...
Shifting Gears in Innovation Policy: Strategies from Asia

New Book Outlines the Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Future Economic Growth in East Asia

News / January 29, 2021
Yong Suk Lee explains in the new volume, Shifting Gears in Innovation Policy, that while ‘catch-up’ strategies have been effective in promoting traditional economic growth in Asia, innovative policy...
Image of Joe Biden and Putin

Biden puts US national security first in extending New START Treaty

Commentary / January 29, 2021
Extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, with Russia was one of President Biden’s first foreign policy acts after he took the oath of office on Jan. 20. The treaty would have...
Peace activists wearing masks of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden pose with mock nuclear missiles in front of the U.S. embassy in Berlin on Jan. 29, 2021.

Trying to Box in Biden on Arms Control

Commentary / January 29, 2021
Former Trump officials complain that the new president doesn’t want what they failed to achieve.
Syrian Refugees sitting in front of tent

Tackling the Health of Women and Children in Global Conflict Settings

News / January 28, 2021
A new four-paper series in The Lancet exposes the far-reaching effects of modern warfare on women’s and children’s health. Stanford researchers, including SHP's Paul Wise and Eran Bendavid, have...
Portrait of Paul Schuler and the cover of his book, 'United Front'

A Balance of Power: The Role of Vietnam’s Electoral and Legislative Institutions

Q&A / January 28, 2021
As the 13th National Congress of Vietnam's Communist Party is selecting a new leadership team that will set the country’s course for the next five years, Vietnamese politics expert Paul Schuler...
hand holding phone with parler logo

Parler's First 13 Million Users

Blog / January 28, 2021
As Parler gained millions of users - and plenty of notoriety - in recent months, understanding the dynamics of the platform has become an increasing priority. A report by the Stanford Internet...
Woman smiling

Biden administration must find ways to both cooperate with and constrain Putin regime, says Stanford scholar

Q&A / January 28, 2021
In the first of a two-part Q&A, Stanford political scientist Kathryn Stoner discusses how Biden’s foreign policy in Russia is a departure from the Trump administration.
Man smiling

Saving the Open Skies Treaty

Commentary / January 27, 2021
Last November, the Trump administration unwisely withdrew the United States from the Open Skies Treaty. Earlier this year, the Russian government said it will take steps to follow suit.
Vladimir Putin

Biden Administration Should Aim to Bring Positive Change to a Tense U.S.-Russia Relationship

News / January 27, 2021
On the World Class Podcast, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer says we can expect a consistency between the president’s behavior and policy toward Russia.
President Joseph Biden

The Biden Presidency and Ukraine

Commentary / January 27, 2021
In a December 2020 New York Times interview, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed Joe Biden’s election as U.S. president. Zelensky observed that Biden “knows Ukraine better than the...

Should U.S. Missile Defenses Be a Part of Arms Control Negotiations With Russia?

Commentary / January 26, 2021
The Biden administration should consider whether the benefits to United States and allied security of limiting all nuclear weapons, including non-strategic nuclear arms, would justify accepting some...
Sumire Hirotsuru performing in Tokyo; photo courtesy Sumire Hirotsuru

Giving Back to One’s Hometown: Stanford e-Oita Guest Speaker, Sumire Hirotsuru

Blog / January 26, 2021
Stanford e-Oita is an online course for high school students in Oita Prefecture in the southwestern island of Kyushu, Japan, that is sponsored by the Oita Prefectural Government. Launched in fall...
Stanford campus, main quad with cloudy sky

APARC Offers Fellowship and Funding Opportunities to Support, Diversify Stanford Student Participation in Contemporary Asia Research

News / January 25, 2021
The Center has launched a suite of offerings including a predoctoral fellowship, a diversity grant, and research assistant internships to support Stanford students interested in the area of...
rocket launched over the ocean

Enhancing Strategic Stability: New START and Beyond

Commentary / January 25, 2021
Arms control offers a tool to enhance U.S. security.
Chinese school children sit at a desk in a rural village school classroom.

The Economist Features Rozelle's Newest Book "Invisible China"

News / January 23, 2021
In a special report on Chinese youth, The Economist references Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell's newest book, "Invisible China," highlighting the great disparity in educational quality...
People in a meeting

First UN Resolution Holds Lessons for Latest Nuclear Treaty

Commentary / January 22, 2021
In commemoration of its 75th anniversary, CISAC Fellow Ryan A. Musto looks back at the UN’s first-ever resolution and finds that it “was not the lodestar many in the nuclear policy community imagine...
Photo of man smiling

Where Next On Nuclear Arms Control?

Commentary / January 22, 2021
For nearly five decades, nuclear arms control has been an exclusive enterprise between Washington and Moscow. The resulting agreements have provided significant constraints on the U.S.-Soviet (later...
A North Korea Scud-B missile display at the Korea War Memorial Museum on August 26, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea

As defense spending comes under fire, don't make nuclear war more likely

Commentary / January 22, 2021
Defense spending will come under pressure in an era of trillion-dollar COVID-19 deficits. As a result, the Defense Department will need to make trade-offs that it previously could avoid.