International Security

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International Security

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Area of Specialization Curriculum

The International Security area of specialization is guided by the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at FSI. Students must complete two required courses, and choose at least three electives from the pre-approved list below - for a minimum of 20 total units.


Required Courses

INTLPOL 240: Contemporary Issues in International Security 
INTLPOL 340: Technology, Innovation and National Security: Keeping America's Edge in an Era of Great Power Competition 

Pre-Approved Electives

EASTASN243: Taiwan's Democratic Evolution
EASTASN 289K: Korea and the World
HISTORY 303E: Infrastructure and Power in the Global South
HISTORY 349: Bodies, Technologies, and Natures in Africa
INTLPOL 210: The Politics of International Humanitarian Action
INTLPOL 213: International Mediation in Civil Wars
INTLPOL 214: Refugees in the Twenty-First Century
INTLPOL 217: The Future of Global Cooperation
INTLPOL 221: Politics of Data: Algorithmic Culture, Big Data, and Information Waste
INTLPOL 232: Foreign Policy Decision Making in Comparative Perspective
INTLPOL 233: Presidential Decision Making in Wartime
INTLPOL 236: American Grand Strategy
INTLPOL 240: Contemporary Issues in International Security
INTLPOL 244: U.S. Policy Toward Northeast Asia
INTLPOL 246: China's Foreign Policies: Objectives, Instruments, and Impacts
INTLPOL 250: International Conflict Resolution
INTLPOL 257: Technology & Public Purpose: Practical Solutions for Innovation's Public Dilemmas
INTLPOL 266: Managing Nuclear Waste: Technical, Political, Organizational Challenges
INTLPOL 280: Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and International Criminal Tribunals
INTLPOL 285: The United States, China, & Global Security
INTLPOL 350: International Law
INTLPOL 355: International Human Rights
INTLPOL 356: Human Trafficking: Law and Policy
INTLPOL 357: Transitional Justice
INTLPOL 358: Business, Social Responsibility, and Human Rights
LAW 5036: Law and Ethics of War    
LAW 7823: International Negotiation: Solving Intractable Conflict    
MS&E 297: "Hacking for Defense": Solving National Security issues with the Lean Launchpad
POLISCI 311N: Nuclear Politics
POLISCI 314R: Challenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 348: Chinese Politics
POLISCI 443S: Political Economy of Reform in China
SOC 217B: Chinese Politics and Society
SOC 309: Nations and Nationalism