MIP Joint and Dual Degrees

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Joint and Dual Degrees

Pursue your interests through various joint and dual degree options at Stanford.

MIP formally offers four joint and dual degrees for students interested in the intersection of business, law, government, and the environment in the U.S. and abroad. Students may also apply to other graduate academic programs at Stanford if they wish to complete a dual degree.

M.A/M.B.A Dual Degree

The M.A./M.B.A. dual degree program allows you to pursue an M.B.A. at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and an M.A. in International Policy (MIP) from the Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences in three academic years of residence. It is designed for students who are interested in working at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, business, and government in the United States or abroad.

M.A./J.D. Joint Degree

Supplementing the strengths of Stanford Law School with preparation through the Ford Dorsey Master's in International Policy (MIP), this joint degree provides students with the training and perspective to work across geographic boundaries. Graduates gain the analytical tools and skills to function as lawyers, advocates, and policymakers on diverse international issues.

M.A./M.P.P. Joint Degree

The M.A./M.P.P. joint degree program allows you to pursue study in both the Public Policy and International Policy (MIP) programs in three academic years of residence. Students that participate in this program gain depth of knowledge in both international and domestic policy issues.

M.A./M.S. Dual Degree

The M.A./M.S. dual degree with the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources provides MIP students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the science, technology and engineering that underlies current environmental problems. This dual degree provides a unique lens for future leaders and innovators to influence and solve the world’s most challenging environmental and sustainability problems.