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Student Resources

Find useful forms and information for MIP students, including academics, campus employment, summer internships, funding requests for student events and programming, etc.

Student Resources

Student Handbooks

The MIP Student Handbook provides detailed information on academic policies and procedures. Its purpose is to inform students of important guidelines, milestones, and resources relevant to the degree program. It should be used in conjunction with the University Bulletin, which describes Stanford graduate studies’ policies.

MIP Student Handbook (Class of 2024 Cohort)
MIP Student Handbook (Class of 2023 Cohort)

Academic Forms


Directed Reading Proposal

A directed reading is an independent study arranged with the guidance and oversight from a Stanford instructor.  Proposals must include the topic of study as well as the deliverables for the course, i.e, what one will produce and submit for a grade. If a proposal is approved we will create a section of INTLPOL 299 for the specific instructor so that the student(s) can enroll in the course. (Note: this form may also be used by students planning to enroll in INTLPOL 259 with Professor H. Lin.)

Please see INTLPOL 299 in Explore Courses for a description and additional information.

The proposal must be submitted no later than the second Friday of the academic quarter in which one plans to enroll in the course. The proposal should be submitted to Jonathan Achter.  Instructor signature is required, which can be provided on the form or via email confirmation. 

INTLPOL 299: Directed Reading Proposal (PDF)
INTLPOL 299: Directed Reading Proposal (Word)


Practical Training

Students who wish to pursue an internship and receive academic credit during the summer or academic year must review the MIP CPT Policy and Proposal. International students will use this form to enroll in Curricular Practical Training when needed to meet visa requirements.  Please scroll down for details on summer internships, including important policies.

MIP CPT Policy (PDF)
MIP CPT Proposal (PDF)
MIP CPT Proposal (Word)

Degree Progress

Stanford University requires every graduate student to have a completed program proposal on file with the primary academic unit.  The program proposal outlines the courses that one has completed towards the degree as well as the outstanding requirements one still must pass in order to graduate.  MIP requires students to submit this document as part of an advising meeting in Spring Quarter of the first year of the program, although students should feel free to fill out this document sooner since it is a helpful planning tool.  Please select the program proposal that aligns with your matriculation in the MIP program.

Students will also be required to submit a MIP Graduation Program Proposal during the quarter in which they apply to graduate.  

Class of 2024 (Coming Soon)
MIP Program Proposal - Class of 2024 (Interactive PDF)
MIP Program Proposal - Class of 2024 (Word) *coming soon

Class of 2023
MIP Program Proposal - 2021-22 Cohort (Interactive PDF)
MIP Program Proposal - 2021-22 Cohort (Word)


Capstone - Policy Change Studio

Capstone travel forms can be found on the Canvas course website and SOLO.


Student Privacy Rights

Students at Stanford University have the right to confidentiality and privacy of their education records as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g 34 C.F.R. Part 99 and Stanford University policies. Current students who wish to grant a third party or entity access to their educational records may fill out the form below and submit it to the department that maintains the specified record.

FERPA Waiver Form (contact Cheng Huynh if unable to access)


Questionnaire designed to facilitate communication and the mentoring relationship between the student and faculty advisor.
MIP Individual Development Plan

Campus Employment

Assistantship Policy for MIP Students
MIP Students - Assistantship and Hourly Paid Positions Details Form
Complete Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility Verification

Student Request for MIP Funds

Request for MIP Funds Form - To be filled out and submitted at least three business days in advance before the event or transaction.
Use of Funds Summary Form - To be filled out and submitted within two days after the transaction.

MIP Small Conference Grants

MIP Small Conference Grant Policy
MIP Small Conference Grant Application Form - To be filled out and submitted at least one week in advance prior to the start of the conference.

Summer Internships

Information on applying for MIP funding for an unfunded or minimally-funded summer internship. Limited to MIP students.

2022 MIP Summer Funded Internship Policy
2022 MIP Summer Funded Internship Blog Instructions
2022 Stanford Travel Assumption of Risk Form
MIP Summer Internships - CPT for International Students
Stanford Office of International Affairs Website

Vienna Exchange

2022 Stanford Travel Assumption of Risk Form

Other Resources

Internal-Only Additional Student Resources and Forms (Password protected. Please contact the MIP team for details.)

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