MIP Careers

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Careers in International Policy

MIP students go on to enjoy careers in a wide range of interdisciplinary international policy fields

MIP Career Services Mission Statement

To provide our students and alumni the tools to build meaningful careers, as well as successfully manage their professional development over the course of their lifetime.

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Career Development Resources

There are many career support services for MIP Graduates in the program office to assist students in creating their career visions and connecting them with opportunities to help realize their career goals. These resources include: 

  • Accessing employer profiles and job openings
  • Managing internships, fellowship, part-time, consulting, and career opportunities
  • Submitting a resume for prospective employer review
  • Viewing upcoming career services events and programs
  • Making appointments for career counseling sessions
  • Networking with employers
  • Creating a personal career management calendar

Individualized Career Counseling

MIP's Recruitment, Career Services and Alumni Affairs Manager is available to meet with graduate students to discuss their immediate career goals and facilitate their lifelong career management process. Other resources provided by the Stanford community include:

Additional Resources