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MIP is interdisciplinary in nature, and students are encouraged to pursue coursework that spans academic fields at Stanford.

The M.A. degree is earned through completion of core and elective coursework, an area of specialization, and a capstone project.

Study with Stanford's World Renowned Faculty

Stanford University is home to some of the world's best scholars on global issues. The Ford Dorsey Program also features leading practitioners from government and industry, including former ambassadors, UN officials, and Silicon Valley policy executives.

Program Overview

The Ford Dorsey Master's in International Policy is a two year, full-time, professional graduate degree program. Students receive a Master of Arts in International Policy, with a subplan in one of the following areas of specialization:

  • Cyber Policy and Security
  • Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment
  • Global Health
  • Governance and Development
  • International Security

    MIP Degree Requirements
  • MIP Degree Requirements
  • Core Courses
  • Area of Specialization
  • Elective Units
  • Capstone

MIP Degree Requirements

80 units are required for graduation:
  • 31 units of mandatory core courses
  • 20 units in the area of specialization
    • 2 required courses
    • 3+ elective courses from a pre-approved list
  • 9 units of practicum (capstone project)
  • 20 flexible elective units


For complete degree requirements and policies, please see Stanford University's 2019 -20 Bulletin

Core Courses

31 units.

Core courses are required for all students and comprise the majority of the Year 1 curriculum. 

Area of Specialization

20 units.

Each student will select a specialization and complete a minimum of five courses within that specialization.

Elective Units

20 units.

Students have freedom to customize their course of study with these flexible, elective units, which may be fulfilled by completing additional specialization courses or those in other areas of interest. Students will need to submit a rationale to the Academic Services Team explaining the courses for which they plan to enroll.


9 units.

During the winter and spring quarters of their second year of study, students work in small teams to analyze policy problems, develop solutions, and plan for implementation in the real world.

Joint and Dual Degrees

MIP offers joint degrees for students interested in the intersection of business, law, and government in the U.S. and abroad. We offer a joint degree with the Stanford Law School (J.D./M.A.), and the Public Policy Program (M.P.P./M.A.), as well as a dual degree with the Stanford Graduate School of Business (M.B.A./ M.A.).