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For Employers

Learn more about our students and how you can connect.

Get to Know Our Students

Our program emphasizes theoretical knowledge through interdisciplinary coursework and practical experience through relevant internships and a partner-based capstone project. MIP students graduate with the leadership and interpersonal skills to work in a wide variety of fields.


25 Average Class Size
27 Average Age
3 Average Amount of Work Experience (in years)
13 Nationalities Represented
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Where do MIP Graduates Go?

A typical breakdown of a MIP class

Organizations that have employed our graduates in recent years include...

Microsoft | Uber | Facebook | McKinsey & Co | World Bank | U.S. Department of Energy | U.S. Department of State | U.S. Army | USAID | Afghanistan Civil Service Institute | African Development Bank | Hills & Co | Centre for Public Impact | Chemonics International | Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Bank of Japan | YouTube

How Can You Connect With Our Students?

From summer internships to our capstone projects, in which students partner with an organization to address a policy problem, you can benefit from our students’ leadership and drive. By recruiting and hiring our graduates, you’ll access a select pool of talent with both professional and academic expertise. Want to learn more? Find out how Stanford’s International Policy students and graduates can assist your organization.
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Host a Summer Intern

We invite potential partners to host our students over the summer. Your team will benefit from the enthusiasm and skills of a rising international policy specialist, while our students gain invaluable experience working with your organization.

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Policy Change Studio

The MIP Policy Change Studio is a two-quarter capstone course in which students work in teams to tackle global policy problems, develop solutions, and implement them in the real world; while working with an outside organization.

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Hire One of Our Graduates

Our interdisciplinary master’s program produces the next generation of global leaders, who will develop innovative solutions to tomorrow’s policy challenges.