Cyber Policy and Security

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Cyber Policy and Security

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Area of Specialization Curriculum

The Cyber Policy and Security area of specialization is guided by the Cyber Policy Center and Center for International Security and Cooperation at FSI. Students must complete two required courses, and choose at least three electives from the pre-approved list below - for a minimum of 20 total units.


Required Courses

INTLPOL 268: Hack Lab 
INTLPOL 321: Fundamentals of Cyber Policy and Security 

Pre-Approved Electives

COMM 257: Information Control in Authoritarian Regimes
CS 106A: Programming Methodology
CS 181: Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy
CS 182: Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change
CS 251: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies
EARTHSYS 262: Data for Sustainable Development
INTLPOL 200: The Social & Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence    
INTLPOL 221: Politics of Data: Algorithmic Culture, Big Data, and Information Waste
INTLPOL 225: Technology Policy, Innovation, and Startup Ecosystems: Japan and Comparative Perspectives
INTLPOL 251: Cybersecurity: A Legal and Technical Perspective
INTLPOL 252: Cyber Risk: A Multidisciplinary Approach
INTLPOL 253: AI and Rule of Law: A Global Perspective
INTLPOL 257: Technology & Public Purpose: Practical Solutions for Innovation's Public Dilemmas
INTLPOL 258: Psychology, Influence, and Propaganda
INTLPOL 259: Research Topics in Cyber Conflict and Information Warfare
INTLPOL 268D: Online Open Source Investigation
INTLPOL 269: Cyber Law: International and Domestic Legal Frameworks for Cyber Policy
INTLPOL 323: Free Speech, Democracy and the Internet
LAW 4039: Regulating Artificial Intelligence
LAW 4048: Regulating Internet Speech Platforms
MS&E 297: "Hacking for Defense": Solving National Security Issues with the Lean Launchpad