Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment

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Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment

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Area of Specialization Curriculum

The Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment area of specialization is guided by the Center on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) and the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD) at FSI. Students must complete two required courses, and choose at least three electives from the pre-approved list below - for a minimum of 20 total units.


Required Courses

Complete two of the following courses
CEE 207A: Understanding Energy
GSBGEN 336: Energy Markets and Policy
INTLPOL 272: Empirical Methods in Sustainable Development

Pre-Approved Electives

CEE 207S: Understanding Energy - Essentials
CEE 218X: Shaping the future of the Bay Area
CEE 218Y: Shaping the future of the Bay Area
CEE 241C: Global Infratstructure Projects Seminar
CEE 257: Sustainable Finance and Investment Seminar
CEE 263D: Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions
CEE 265D: Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries
CEE 265E: Adaption to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Events
CEE 273S: Electricity Economics
CS 325B: Data for Sustainable Development
EARTHSYS 159: Economic, Legal, and Political Analysis of Climate-Change Policy
EARTHSYS 185: Feeding Nine Billion
EARTHSYS 206: World Food Economy
EARTHSYS 243: Environmental Advocacy and Policy Communication
EARTHSYS 288: Social and Environmental Tradeoffs in Climate Decision-Making
ECON 155: Environmental Economics and Policy
ECON 251: Natural Resources and Energy Economics
ENERGY 271: Energy Infrastrucutre, Technology and Economics
ENVRES 222: Climate Law and Policy
ENVRES 240: Environmental Decision-Making and Risk Perception
ENVRES 380: Innovating Large Scale Sustainable Trasnformations/Collaborating for the Future
HISTORY 303E: Infrastructure and Power in the Global South
INTLPOL 266: Managing Nuclear Waste: Technical, Political and Organizational Challenges
INTLPOL 271: Climate Politics: Science and Global Governance
INTLPOL 272: Empirical Methods in Sustainable Development
INTLPOL 358: Business, Social Responsibility, and Human Rights
INTLPOL 371: Policy Practicum: Assessing the Impact of China's Global Infrastructure Spending on Climate Change
LAW 2503: Energy Law
LAW 2504: Environmental Law and Policy
LAW 2508: The Business of Water
LAW 2513: Climate: Politics, Finance, and Infrastructure
LAW 7823: Advanced Negotiation: International
MS&E 243: Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis
PUBLPOL 265F: Environmental Governance and Climate Resilience