MIP FAQ - Tuition and Financial Aid

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tuition and Financial Aid

  • What is the full-time tuition rate?

Please see the Stanford Tuition and Fees page for detailed information.

There are two full-time tuition rates at Stanford: 11-18 units and 8-10 units. Generally, MIP students enroll at the 11-18 unit rate during the first year of the program. During the second year, MIP students may enroll in some combination of the two different full-time tuition rates.

  • How many units are required to graduate?

A minimum of 80 units are required to graduate from the MIP program.

  • Is fellowship funding available from Stanford? 

​Limited fellowship funds are available. Please be sure to indicate your interest in financial aid on the application by checking "Yes" next to the relevant question. Admission and fellowship offers will be communicated to applicants at the same time. No separate funding application is required. 

In addition, teaching and research assistantships are available to students starting in the third quarter of study. However, opportunities are limited and contingent on availability and funds. It is the responsibility of the student to secure an assistantship. Please see our Funding and Financial Aid Page as well as the Stanford Financial Aid website for detailed information on loans and other funding opportunities.