Stanford-Vienna Exchange

Learn more about the exchange program between MIP and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (DA).
Three months is not a very long time to be away from Stanford, and there's a lot to gain: the experience makes you rethink prejudices, experience new ways of learning, new people, and how they deal with things differently coming from various backgrounds.
María García Lecuona
MIP Alumna, Class of 2015

The Stanford–Vienna Academic Exchange is an Autumn Quarter exchange program between MIP and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (DA). Two second-year students from each institution are selected by application to receive fellowships to spend Autumn Quarter in an academic exchange at the other institution. The DA is a postgraduate professional school dedicated to preparing talented graduates for international careers and positions of leadership in international affairs. Training areas encompass international relations, political science, international and EU law, economics, history and languages.

Studying at the Diplomatic Academy

At the DA, MIP students will work with renowned European scholars and a diverse, vibrant group of students at one of Europe’s most highly regarded international studies institutions.

In particular, MIP students will have the opportunity to:

  • Focus on European Union issues and policies
  • Enroll in intensive German or French language study
  • Take study trips to other regions of Europe, and visit the many international organizations headquartered in Vienna and nearby cities
  • Participate in specialized courses and seminars led by prominent scholars with the goal of training students for careers in international organizations, public service, and international business

  • Academics
  • Funding
  • Housing and Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  • Contact Information


MIP students enroll in a combination of advanced courses, language courses, and skills courses. The official course list for the autumn trimester at the DA will be available in late August−early September. 

Additionally, MIP students will be eligible to enroll in any upper-division course at the DA for which they are qualified. With approval, MIP exchange students may also seek to perform directed research under the supervision of a DA faculty member.
Participating students must complete all requirements listed in the M.A. curriculum, however, the minimum number of Stanford units required to graduate will be reduced to 65. In addition to the 65 units, MIP students must complete, at minimum, three full-time courses at the DA (15 units or more).

Academic Advising


Students work with the MIP Faculty Director and Assistant Director for Academic and Student Affairs, as well as the Diplomatic Academy Advisor, to select courses and ensure fulfillment of degree requirements at both institutions. MIP students will meet with their academic advisors at the DA during orientation week before enrolling in courses. Electronic course enrollment will be available via intranet in late September−early October. During the enrollment period at the DA, MIP students must submit a list of registered courses to MIP for approval.

Enrollment Status

During the exchange quarter, the selected MIP students will maintain the status of "active but not enrolled" at Stanford. Students will receive official transcripts from the DA for Autumn Quarter.  The exchange quarter at the DA will not be listed on students’ Stanford transcripts.  



DA grades received by MIP students will not be factored into their Stanford GPAs. However, students will be required to maintain good academic standing and adhere to the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard.
For more information on academics and funding, please download the PDF iconStanford-DA Exchange Outbound Student Information.


Students receive a fellowship for the quarter that includes one quarter of Stanford tuition, living stipend, flights to/from Vienna, housing, meals, books and supplies, and some support for travel within Europe for activities related to their program of study.

In exchange, students will be evaluated on how well they met their proposed course objectives and be expected to write a short report and donor letter describing their experience and the impact of the exchange on their development in the MIP program.

Housing and Transportation

Students will be assigned private dorm rooms on the DA campus, centrally located in Vienna, as well as full access to all student resources including libraries, gyms, and social areas.

Arrival Information


The arrival date for MIP students is generally around September 20, although students may be able to move into their rooms beginning in early September. Students' departure date roughly coincides with the end of Stanford's Autumn Quarter in mid-December.  
Please note:  Prior to orientation, most DA administration and faculty will be on vacation, so there will be limited activity on campus. However, students can leave luggage in their rooms and travel during this period if they wish.

Health Insurance

Students will be assessed the Cardinal Care (CC) fee. To opt out of CC coverage, students will need to enter evidence of alternative coverage and waive CC in Axess by September 15. Vaden Health Center suggests that students register with Health Net in advance of travel. Health Net can also provide information on health services in Vienna. If desired, students may obtain an International SOS membership card from the MIP Program Office for access to routine and emergency assistance outside the U.S.

How to Apply


To be eligible, MIP students must have completed one full year of credit (45 units) by the start of the exchange in Autumn Quarter. Students must also be in good academic staning and have no restrictions in spending the entire quarter in Vienna, Austria.


Application deadline: March 4, 2019

Notification email sent to applicants: April 19, 2019

Deadline to commit to participate: May 1, 2018

How to Apply

MIP students must submit the following materials to Jonathan Achter:

  • PDF iconApplication Form
  • Statement of Purpose (explain your interest in the program, applicable background, and ways your participation in the program would further your academic and professional goals)
  • Unofficial Stanford transcript
  • Resume

Applications will be evaluated on academic performance, demonstrated interest in European studies, and alignment of academic and professional goasl with the program.