Capstone Projects

Practicum INTERPOL Fara

Policy Change Studio

Training Policy Change-Makers to Solve Problems in the Real World

Selected Past Capstone Projects


  • Access to quality water in Suleja, Nigeria
  • Government accountability in Suleja, Nigeria
  • Nuclear stability between the U.S. and China
  • Lead acid battery recycling in Bangladesh
  • Human-trafficking in the Balkans
  • Vulnerability disclosure reporting in the European Union
  • Russian disinformation on Ukrainian social media
  • Internet shutdowns in Cameroon
  • Barriers to Access to Justice in Chile



  • AI's disruption of the global political economy
  • Behavioral approaches to improving health outcomes in developing countries
  • China Belt Road Initiative
  • Illicit Uses of citizenship- and visa-by-investment programs
  • Promoting mobile money through social enterprise
  • Zero emission vehicle mandates



  • Tobacco control and industry interference in Russia
  • Building an East Africa regional hub for NGO asylum access
  • Building Political and Strategic Support for Interpol's global policing efforts: Policy lessons from other multinational institutions
  • Creating a help-line for families and friends of people who are at risk of being radicalized
  • Evaluating the efficacy of online counter-speech on behavior