Capstone Projects

Practicum INTERPOL Fara

Policy Change Studio

Training Policy Change-Makers to Solve Problems in the Real World

Project Implementation

ICDS Policy Brief - Russian money laundering and a possible smart response

The Kremlin’s foreign policy toolkit includes ‘hybrid’ or ‘grey-zone’ measures of social, political, and economic influence. To successfully counter Russia, NATO and EU states need to be able to deter its malign activities in all these domains.

The Guardian Nigeria - Stanford varsity students propose roadmap for Suleja water services

In an effort to ensure the revamp of Suleja Water and Sewerage Corporation (SWSC), improve livelihoods and meet obligations to the citizens, graduate students of Stanford University have developed a water access platform that outlines some innovative steps to meet the gaps in water services.

The Guardian Nigeria - Niger State adopts Stanford students’ urban policy proposal for Suleja

Determined to improve living conditions in the city of Suleja, the Niger State Government has adopted a policy proposal developed by two Stanford university master’s students in international policy, Elani Owen and Mariann Varga.

Selected Past Capstone Projects


  • Curbing the Illicit Use of Cryptocurrencies (U.S. Government)
  • Addressing the Venezuelan Migrant Crisis (Organization of American States)
  • 5G and Global Governance (International Organization)
  • Botnet Threat Mitigation (Cyber Threat Alliance)
  • Bringing Clean, Reliable, and Affordable Energy to Businesses in the Yucatan Peninsula (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
  • Addressing Online Harassment of Female Human Rights Activists and Journalists in Uganda (Internews)
  • Content Moderation by Large Social Media Companies in the Middle East and North Africa (Social Media Exchange)
  • Russian Encroachment in Northeastern Europe (International Centre for Defence and Security)



  • Access to quality water in Suleja, Nigeria
  • Government accountability in Suleja, Nigeria
  • Nuclear stability between the U.S. and China
  • Lead acid battery recycling in Bangladesh
  • Human-trafficking in the Balkans
  • Vulnerability disclosure reporting in the European Union
  • Russian disinformation on Ukrainian social media
  • Internet shutdowns in Cameroon
  • Barriers to Access to Justice in Chile



  • AI's disruption of the global political economy
  • Behavioral approaches to improving health outcomes in developing countries
  • China Belt Road Initiative
  • Illicit Uses of citizenship- and visa-by-investment programs
  • Promoting mobile money through social enterprise
  • Zero emission vehicle mandates



  • Tobacco control and industry interference in Russia
  • Building an East Africa regional hub for NGO asylum access
  • Building Political and Strategic Support for Interpol's global policing efforts: Policy lessons from other multinational institutions
  • Creating a help-line for families and friends of people who are at risk of being radicalized
  • Evaluating the efficacy of online counter-speech on behavior