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I feel very privileged to have been able to travel so far, live abroad, and come away with so many new experiences and lessons.
Marin Callaway '17, Institute for Economics and Peace Intern


4 Takeaways from Buenos Aires

I’m sitting in a bus station in rural Northern Argentina after some weekend traveling to Los Esteros de Iberá, the second largest wetlands in the world.
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UNESCO: Politics and culture at the 41st Session of the World Heritage Committee

At the beginning of the month, I left Paris and traveled to Krakow, Poland, for the annual session of the World Heritage Committee. After several weeks of preparation, it was finally time to witness the results of our preparatory work on documents and speeches.

So Long, and Thanks for all the Rice!

We were driving to the second or third temple of the day when I asked my driver if he had lived in Bagan for a long time. “I lived and worked here my whole life,” he said over his shoulder.


Les séances plénières

Every month, the European Parliament packs its heavy-duty metal crates (one per policy advisor or assistant), and works late on a particular Friday, gathering notes and compiling voting lists.
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Working on WJP’s Qualified Respondents Questionnaire team

Throughout my time in high school and college, I’ve frequently turned to statistics when writing research papers, from the results of Pew public opinion polls to reports from the World Health Organization’s data repository to the Mexican government’s household surveys on literacy.

Parenting in China

Research increasingly indicates the importance of nutrition and a good parenting environment within the first 1000 days of life. But China spends nearly zero on nutrition and parenting from 0–3.