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I feel very privileged to have been able to travel so far, live abroad, and come away with so many new experiences and lessons.
Marin Callaway '17, Institute for Economics and Peace Intern
Atlantic Council

Looking back on my time at the Atlantic Council

At the start of the summer, I was pretty skeptical about the kind of policy impact you could have from a think tank. Do policymakers even read the lengthy reports published by think tanks?

My Interest in the South Caucasus and the EPRC

As I entered Stanford, I decided that my bulk of my research would cover the activities of the European Union in the South Caucasus. Specifically, I am interested in understanding what role that instruments like the Eastern Partnership and the bilateral treaties between the EU and Armenia and Georgia have on economic development.

What is the Rule of Law, Anyway?

This past summer, then, as I interned at the World Justice Project and spent every day studying rule of law issues around the world, the particular ways that the rule of law is talked about in the United States stood out to me as somewhat strange. For fun, I tried a little experiment — if you google any major US politician and the phrase “rule of law”, you are probably going to find a quote where they claim to support it.