FSI Student Feature-Kate Wilson

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Kate Wilson '16

Former FSI Intern in Belgium

Whit background

Kate Wilson '16

Kate Wilson is a recent Stanford grad from the Seattle area who majored in Public Policy and minored in Computer Science. During the summer before her senior year, she worked at The Center for European Policy Studies/LICOS Center for Institutions and Economic Performance in Belgium. During her internship she researched the EU system of geographical indications and US vc. EU free-trade agreement. Her favorite part of her internship was her exposure to different ideas and people from all over Europe who came together through their passion for economics. Before going to Belgium, she studied abroad in Oxford, and although she hopes to stay in the US to do grad school, long term she plans to live abroad. She is currently a researcher at the Bill Lane Center for American Studies, studying government grant design, but plans to start working in industry soon, doing data analysis.

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