MIP - SIPR (Submissions - New)


The Stanford International Policy Review aims to lead our peers as a student-run international policy journal committed to a forward looking discourse across the most intractable policy questions of our time.  Our approach centers around:

  • A relentless commitment to rigorous, evidence-driven policy analysis. 
  • A focus on bridging policy implementation and research. 
  • Interdisciplinary dialogue - across and beyond Stanford. Drawing from the perspectives of students and faculty across all of Stanford’s schools, a rich and diverse alumni network, as well as students, experts, and policy makers from other institutions. 
  • Action-oriented analysis - we know that not every discussion will lend itself to a detailed solutions breakdown but encourage thoughtful discussions of policy implications and specific steps that can be taken to address these implications where possible. 


The Journal aims to bridge the gap between policy making and academic research. In order to accomplish this objective, the Editorial Board will strive to offer a platform for a wider range of articles that take an evidence-driven approach, demonstrate rigorous analysis, and provide specific ways to tackle the issue at hand. Each journal issue will contain 10-15 pieces and will have at maximum 150 pages. The submissions we are seeking include:

  • (Approximately 5-7) Articles: 1500 - 3500 word academic journal papers, long-form journalism and investigative pieces that analyze the background, new developments and implications of a specific policy issue related to the journal theme. 
  • (Approximately 2-3) Opinion pieces and commentary: 600 - 800 word pieces that advance a clear argument regarding a policy issue related to the journal theme and propose actionable steps for resolving the issue. 
  • (Approximately 2-3) Policy memos and issue briefs: 1000 - 1500 word pieces that synthesize different perspectives on a policy issue related to the journal theme and provide clear policy recommendations on the issue. 
  • (Approximately 1-2) Interviews: 1000 - 1500 word pieces that describe an interview with an issue expert or practitioner regarding their opinions on a policy issue related to the journal theme. These interviews will be led and authored by the editorial board. 

To submit an article for general consideration, please use Scholastica. Before submitting an article, we encourage authors to consider how their piece directly and creatively contributes to ongoing policy debates and ensure that it is not better suited to a discipline-specific journal. We do not accept paper or email submissions. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial team at stanfordipr@stanford.edu.