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FSI is Stanford University’s premier research institute for international studies. Our faculty conduct cross-disciplinary research on governance, security, global health, energy, international development and more.

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Areas of Expertise

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Addressing issues of democracy, dictatorship, corruption, and poverty, scholars like Francis Fukuyama and Larry Diamond produce expert research through FSI’s Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law.

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FSI's Center on International Security and Cooperation tackles a range of issues, from longstanding concerns like nuclear nonproliferation and military defense to new challenges such as cybersecurity, biosecurity and regional conflict.

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Global Health

In partnership with the School of Medicine, Stanford Health Policy serves as a hub for interdisciplinary research on global health problems through the lenses of economics, nutrition and politics.

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Energy & Environment

At the intersection of earth sciences and policy, our center for Food Security and the Environment studies hunger and environmental degradation. FSI's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development investigates the interaction and impact of worldwide energy markets.

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International Development

FSI researchers examine international development from new and creative perspectives. Experts in health, education, governance, energy and social justice collaborate to learn how different levers of action can impact communities.

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Regional Expertise

FSI’s scholarly work spans the globe, from Beijing to Brazil. Former US ambassadors within our faculty include FSI director Michael McFaul (Russia) and Michael Armacost (Philippines & Japan).