Keeping Kids in School

Rural schools can be both low quality and expensive, giving children and their parents little incentive to attend. REAP aims to identify and solve the most serious cost and quality problems associated with rural schooling, so that rural children can have access to an affordable, quality education.

Food, Nutrition and Health

For smallholder farmers and their families, food security is closely tied to nutrition and health.

Data Science for Food Security

Big data and new analytical techniques mean better measurements and more targeted solutions to food insecurity.

Crop and Livestock Systems

Rising demand for food is changing how and where the world produces crops and livestock, with big environmental impacts.

Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Mapping and measuring climate change impacts on agriculture helps farmers adapt for the future.

Tropical Oil Crops

The rapid expansion of oil crops presents new challenges for ecosystem health and smallholder livelihoods.

Aquaculture and Fisheries

Aquaculture and fisheries must be managed for food security and sustainability to meet rising demand.

Water Resources

Solar-powered irrigation helps farmers break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition.

Child Health Policy: Where Are You When We Need You?

There used to be something called child health policy. It was focused on crafting a national agenda for child health and was explicit in distinguishing the special needs of children from those of the adult world.


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