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Action Fund Fridays


The Global Underdevelopment Action Fund has provided over 30 seed grants intended to jumpstart early-stage multidisciplinary research projects tackling persistent problems of global underdevelopment. The Action Fund projects range across disciplines, focusing primarily on problems in developing and transitioning societies. Many of the projects have a health dimension, reflecting the degree to which poor health outcomes mirror a country's development status.

As Stanford's primary forum for multidisciplinary research on international issues, FSI actively promotes research collaborations that transcend traditional academic boundaries to influence public policy nationally and internationally. FSI's Action Fund was established to jump-start innovative, early-stage projects related to global underdevelopment, with the goal of creating new and promising areas of self-sustaining research at FSI and of building a community of scholars who are  interested in those questions. Strong projects are collaborative, outcomes-oriented, policy relevant, and provide training for graduate and undergraduate students.

Awardees present their research methods and early stage results during the Action Fund Friday seminar series.

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