Josh A. Goldstein

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Josh A. Goldstein

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Internet Observatory (2021-2022)
  • Predoctoral Fellow, Stanford Internet Observatory (2020-2021)


Josh A. Goldstein received his PhD in International Relations from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Clarendon Scholar. At the Stanford Internet Observatory, Dr. Goldstein investigates covert influence operations on social media platforms, studies the effects of foreign interference on democratic societies, and explores how emerging technologies will impact the future of propaganda campaigns. He has given briefings to the Department of Defense, the State Department, and senior technology journalists based on this work, and published in outlets including Brookings, Lawfare, and Foreign Policy.

Prior to joining SIO, Dr. Goldstein received an MPhil in International Relations at Oxford with distinction and a BA in Government from Harvard College, summa cum laude. He also assisted with research and writing related to international security at the Belfer Center, Brookings Institution, House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Department of Defense.