Thomas Antonic

Thomas Antonic

Visiting Scholar, The Europe Center

Encina Hall
616 Serra Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6165

Research Interests

Experimental and contemporary Austrian and German literature and theater.


Thomas Antonic received his PhD from the Department of German Studies at the University of Vienna. His research focuses on experimental and contemporary Austrian and German literature and theater, and he is currently working on an extensive research project on the Austrian playwright Wolfgang Bauer, as well as a project on transnational connections between Austrian avant-garde and Beat literature. He is also a writer of fiction and member of the European artist collective William S. Burroughs Hurts.

His recent publications include the edited volume Wolfgang Bauer: Der Geist von San Francisco (with an introduction by Elfriede Jelinek, publisher: Ritter, 2011), a number of scholarly essays, the novel Der Bär im Kaninchenfell (together with Janne Ratia, publisher: Edition Atelier, 2013), and within the artist collective William S. Burroughs Hurts the CD’s Flat Cat Bonfire (2011) and Limits of Control (Absurdia Records, 2013).