Tara Behrend

Tara Behrend

  • Stanford Cyber Initiative fellow at CASBS


Tara Behrend studies the psychology of information privacy. At CASBS she will explore how big data can lend support to education and workforce development without compromising individuals’ fundamental right to privacy. She will develop a book that investigates how human self-determination and well-being are affected by the increased prevalence of big data, surveillance, and monitoring.

Behrend is an industrial and organizational psychologist with expertise in how technology affects the world of work. Her work has been published in the fields of information technology, psychology, and education. Her work has also been funded by the National Science Foundation. She is a psychometrician for the American Council on Education and a senior research fellow for the Massachusetts Institute for College and Career Readiness. She has advised a broad range of organizations in the US and internationally.

Behrend is associate professor of industrial-organizational psychology at the George Washington University. She earned a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and a PhD from North Carolina State University. In 2016–17, Behrend is a Stanford Cyber Initiative fellow at CASBS.