Mohammad, Master's in International Policy ('23)

Mohammad Taimur Ali Ahmad

  • Master's in International Policy Class of 2023


Taimur is joining MIP after spending the past 3 years as a management consultant at McKinsey, focusing on operational transformations, strategy development, and design thinking across various industries. Prior to that, he was working on an agricultural development project in Pakistan as a quantitiave research assistant, focusing on improving yields and incomes in some of the poorest villages of the country. His interests are at the intersection of economic development, energy systems, social theory, and new technologies. At MIP, he is particularly focusing on how a better understanding of the monetary system, energy inequality, and blockchain technology can help solve the climate crisis. He has a background in International Economics from Georgetown University (Qatar campus), where he was awarded the Abu Hamid Al Ghazzali Best Graduating Student Award. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, and avidly watching/playing football (soccer), tennis, and cricket.