jeffrey knopf

Jeffrey Knopf

  • Affiliate at the Center for International Security and Cooperation


Jeff Knopf is a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, California, where he serves as chair of the M.A. program in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies and a senior research associate with the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS). While on sabbatical for the 2018-19 academic year he spent the year as a visiting scholar at CISAC. Dr. Knopf received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford and was previously a pre-doctoral fellow at CISAC. His most recently completed project is a book volume he co-edited on Behavioral Economics and Nuclear Weapons. Dr. Knopf current research primarily involves a project titled “Coercing Syria on Chemical Weapons.” This project examines efforts by the United States and other countries to apply deterrent and compellent strategies in attempts to stop the Syrian government from using chemical weapons and to force it to dismantle its chemical arsenal.