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My Husband Had a Stroke After His COVID Vaccine. We Gave Our Kid His Shot Anyway

Michelle Mello writes in this San Francisco Chronicle commentary that her husband had a stroke a few days after getting his COVID vaccine. On the same day he checked into a hospital, their son was offered the vaccine. They listened to the doctors and determined the risk of COVID outweighed the potential risks from the vaccine.
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"A few days after receiving his second COVID vaccination, my husband woke up seeing double. He'd been feeling unwell, but this new symptom seemed odd.

Should we come to urgent care, we asked our doctor. No, the emergency room, we were told.

Twelve hours later, a brain MRI showed a tiny white spot. My otherwise healthy 45-year-old husband had had a small stroke.

Even after what one doctor called a `million dollar workup,' no one can figure out what happened. The hunt for some underlying condition turned up nothing. The vaccine he got hasn't been associated with stroke."

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Michelle Mello

Professor of Medicine and Professor of Law
Researchers issues at the intersection of law, ethics and health policy.
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