News August 4, 2020

Moment Caught On Film Becomes Historic Photo

Inside the Russian Federal Nuclear Center for Technical Physics, Russian scientist Vladimir Shmakov saw a familiar photo on the cover of Doomed to Cooperate, Siegfried Hecker’s 2016 book on the nuclear scientists from Russia and the United States who collaborated to confront nuclear threats.
A group of people around each other
A moment in history: In 1992, LANL Director Siegfried Hecker and VNIIEF Scientific Director Yuli Khariton shake hands on an airfield in Russia. Vladimir Shmakov

In 2018, Russian scientist Vladimir Shmakov walked past the doors of the library for the Physics and Mathematics department at the Russian Federal Nuclear Center for Technical Physics (VNIITF). A display of new books caught his attention. It included a two-volume set of Doomed to Cooperate, and on the cover was a photograph he took in 1992.

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