The first issue of the Journal of Online Trust and Safety

The journal of Online Trust and Safety published its inaugural issue on Thursday, October 28.
the cover of the first issue of the journal of online trust and safety featuring a stylized picture of fiber optic cables and the logo of the journal

The Stanford Internet Observatory and Jeff Hancock (Department of Communication, Stanford University) today announced the Journal of Online Trust and Safety’s inaugural issue. The Journal of Online Trust and Safety is an open access, cross-disciplinary and fast peer-reviewed journal for cutting-edge trust and safety scholarship. We launched the Journal of Online Trust and Safety to bring together research which is currently spread across many disciplines and to spur new research in this field.  

Articles in the inaugural issue include:  

  • Misinformation and Hate Speech: The Case of Anti-Asian Hate Speech During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Jae Yeon Kim and Aniket Kesari

  • Moderating with the Mob: Evaluating the Efficacy of Real-Time Crowdsourced Fact-Checking  by William Godel, Zeve Sanderson, Kevin Aslett, Jonathan Nagler, Richard Bonneau, Nathaniel Persily, and Joshua A. Tucker 

  • How Search Engines Handle Suicide Queries by Olivia Borge, Victoria Cosgrove, Elena Cryst, Shelby Grossman, Shelby Perkins, and Anna Van Meter

  • The Accidental Origins, Underappreciated Limits and Enduring Promises of Platform Transparency Reporting about Information Operations by Camille François and evelyn douek 

  • An Overview of Perceptual Hashing by Hany Farid 

  • The Problems with Immersive Advertising: In AR/VR, Nobody Knows You Are an Ad by Brittan Heller and Avi Bar-Zeev

  • A Proposal for Research Access to Platform Data: The Platform Transparency and Accountability Act by Nathaniel Persily

 Come join us tomorrow, October 29 at 8:00 am PT for a webinar to hear more from the authors about their new research. You can register for tomorrow’s webinar here.

The submission deadline for the second issue is November 1. You can submit directly, or email us a letter of inquiry. We are also excited to share the topics for two special issues and their accompanying symposia: 

Authors interested in learning more and submitting an article for these symposia and/or the special issue can find submission deadlines on We strongly encourage submissions that focus on non-Western countries and submissions from practitioners, including researchers at civil society groups or online platforms. 

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