Young Researcher Workshop: Legal Education as Empowerment: Chinese Females Going to Law Schools and Their Gendered Battle

Thursday, May 16, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Goldman Room, Encina Hall, E409

  • Hongyun Yu, Master of the Science of Law Student, Stanford Law School

Legal Education as Empowerment:  Chinese Females Going to Law Schools and Their Gendered Battle

Speaker: Hongyun Yu, Master of the Science of Law Student, Stanford Law School

In the gender ratio of newly enrolled undergraduate law students and barred lawyers in China, the number of women has approximately doubled that of men. How has this female-dominated trend formed, and how does it impact legal education, the legal profession, and legal knowledge? Utilizing field evidence from three law schools in China, this research attempts to interpret the gender transformations and dynamics within Chinese law schools, especially focusing on the process of female empowerment. Women enter this knowledge field and professional culture, traditionally seen as male-dominated and even discriminatory, because of gendered motivations. They construct their gender advantages while successfully challenging the labor gender division that suggests "women are unsuited for studying law" and the stereotype that they lack "legal rationality." Males exhibit two types of responses: the "cynical" and the "bystander," with the latter occasionally gaining an advantageous minority status in female-dominated law schools. The female-dominated structure also influences the "safe harbor" effect in law schools for gender minority and diverse gender students. This study transcends discrimination and male-centric power models, offering a pathway through which women shape legal education, transform the legal profession, and generate legal knowledge.

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