Summer 2012 Research Abroad Undergraduate Internships in China and Guatemala Orientation


Date and Time

February 6, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Open to the public.

No RSVP required


Oksenberg Conference Room

On February 6, FSI is hosting an orientation for Stanford sophomores and juniors* (in 2011-12) interested in applying for the 2012 FSI undergraduate field research internships.

Three internships are available for Beijing, China, and up to five for the southwestern highlands of Guatemala. The internship program will support two separate multidisciplinary teams of Stanford undergraduates to carry out field research projects that address chronic global underdevelopment. Working with an established research program in each country and supervised by one or more Stanford principal investigators, the undergraduate research teams will spend approximately two weeks on location and four to six weeks planning and completing projects in the U.S. Travel, accommodations, insurance and incidentals will be fully funded.

The program is intended to engage undergraduates in collaborative research designed to:

  • introduce undergraduates to issues of global chronic underdevelopment;
  • promote mentoring relationships between FSI faculty and students;
  • enable undergraduates to contribute to FSI's policy-relevant research; and
  • foster collaboration across disciplines at the undergraduate level

Eligibility and Application

The program is open to Stanford juniors and seniors (in AY 2011-12) with a minimum GPA of 3.3. Students may apply directly via email.

Student applicants will be required to submit:

  • a statement of interest;
  • curriculum vitae, resume, or summary of related experience; and
  • copy of transcript (unofficial copy acceptable)
  • reference letter from faculty member

All materials can be sent to

Preference will be given to students previously involved in service learning, poverty alleviation, or similar pursuit. The selection committee will strive to assemble a team of students reflecting divergent academic interests, ideally one from each of the social, natural, and applied sciences.

Final candidates should be prepared to obtain the appropriate visas and vaccinations and to travel abroad on the approximate dates:

  • Guatemala: August 1 - 15, 2012
  • China: June 19 - July 3, 2012

Project Requirements

Members of the student research team will be expected to work collaboratively to:

  • develop, and obtain faculty approval for, a research proposal that will add to or enhance the ongoing research of either Rural Education Action Project (REAP) in China, or the Children's Global Health Program in Guatemala, both programs within FSI;
  • carry out the research over a two-week period abroad under the supervision of both a Stanford faculty member and a graduate student or medical resident;
  • write a project report analyzing and interpreting the team's research findings; and
  • prepare a poster or slide presentation describing the research project that will be presented at FSI's fall 2012 open house.

Financial Support and Resources

The program will provide a stipend of $1,000 per student, plus a budget for the team's research materials and supplies, and reimbursement for air travel, lodging, meals, insurance, visas, and incidentals for work abroad. At Stanford, the team will be furnished with office space in Encina Hall and access to a desktop computer to meet, prepare, and complete the project.

* Highly qualified freshmen with the requisite background and superb language skills may be considered.

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