How to Be an Anti-Racist Organization



Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, The Equity Project, LLC

Date and Time

January 26, 2021 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Open to Stanford faculty, students, staff, and visiting scholars.


Online, via Zoom: REGISTER

Join the REDI Task Force for the next event the "Critical Conversations: Race and Global Affairs" series featuring keynote speaker Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler.

At a moment of uncertainty, commitment, pain, and hope, there is great opportunity to advance racial equity through our organizational structures and systems. This keynote presentation will explore how now, more than ever, organizations are uniquely positioned to evolve from ‘hearts and minds’ work in order to start the construction phase: building the systems of racial equity. In addition to focusing on advancing equity work within organizations, Dr. Mosby Tyler will discuss how to catalyze explicit conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion; how to combat skepticism; how to diversify systems; how to transition to a culture of inclusion and equity; how to begin and sustain equity work through ongoing action and systemic change; and how to center racial justice and equity in our decision making, programming development, and dialogue.

The presentation will conclude with a 30-minute Q&A from the audience.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler is the Chief Catalyst and Founder of The Equity Project, LLC–an organization designed to support organizations and communities in building diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and The HR Shop, LLC-a human resources firm designed to support non-profits and small businesses.

Dr. Mosby Tyler, a consultant accredited by the Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence and recipient of the Cornell University Diversity & Inclusion certification, is nationally recognized for her equity work with non-profit, community, government and corporate organizations.

She holds a doctorate in the field of Organizational Leadership from the University of Colorado, a Master of Arts degree in Management from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Alabama.