A Conversation with the Integrity Institute

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
integrity institute Glenn Ellingson

Join the Cyber Policy Center, together with the Program on Democracy and the Internet, on March 21st from 12-1 PM pacific, for A Conversation with the Integrity Institute, with Glenn Ellingson.

About the Speaker

Glenn Ellingson: As an engineer and engineering manager, Glenn Ellingson works on internet platforms with user-generated content, making those platforms safer and more helpful for the people using them. Most recently, he worked on Instagram's responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, elections protections, and misinformation. Before that, he supported civic integrity teams at Facebook working on civic misinformation, voter suppression, civic harassment, and trying to understand and mitigate how Meta's platforms could be particularly dangerous to users with lower digital literacy such as people coming online for the first time through a smartphone and Facebook. He has also worked at PayPal/eBay and StyleSeat, non-social-media platforms where bad actors —or even just actors or content of variable quality— presented their own challenges to other users.