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A 2020 post-election resource hub for research, analysis and commentary from scholars at FSI.

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People waiting to vote in South Carolina

The Presidential Election Confirmed How New Demographics Will Shape Politics for Many Years Ahead

Following the U.S. election, FSI experts analyze the results, explain the challenges, and discuss what we can expect between now and Inauguration Day.
Joe Biden

Biden in Asia: America Together?

Southeast Asia Program Director Donald K. Emmerson considers how the incoming Biden administration's "internationalization" agenda may affect U.S.-Asia relations and partnerships with the global community.
President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen

Biden Will Speak Softer but Act Stronger on Taiwan

U.S. support will be strengthened, but Trump’s provocations will disappear, writes Oriana Skylar Mastro.

Vote data patterns

Vote Data Patterns used to Delegitimize the Election Results

Members of the Election Integrity Partnership analyze vote tallies from counties reporting in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.
Donald Trump at a rally

Media Largely Frames Trump’s Victory Declaration as False in Headlines

After President Donald Trump claimed victory on November 5, media outlets faced the challenge of how to report it. Members of the Election Integrity Partnership analyze how the media has handled this unique situation.
A man walks past a digital screen showing images of President-elect Joe Biden in a news program.

Japan's Role Could Redefine Asia-Pacific Relations Under Biden and Suga

President-elect Biden's early conversations with Japan's prime minister Yoshihide Suga seem to signal a renewed commitment to coordination on issues of security, environmentalism, human rights, and China's influence, writes Kiyoteru Tsutsui.

Man smiling

Reviving Nuclear Arms Control Under Biden

The Biden presidency that begins in January will adopt some very different directions from its predecessor in foreign policy. One such area is arms control, particularly nuclear arms control with Russia—the one country capable of physically destroying America, writes Steven Pifer.

Post-Election Video Roll

Digital Technology, Social Media and the 2020 Presidential Election

Digital Technology, Social Media and the 2020 Presidential Election

The Historic 2020 Elections

The Historic 2020 Elections

Democracy Matters: The Election Results and What's Next

Democracy Matters: The Election Results and What's Next

A young woman wearing a QAnon shirt in Germany

Inside the Fight Against Election Disinformation

On the World Class Podcast, Renée DiResta describes what it’s like to expose malign actors in the emerging world of ceaseless propaganda and conspiracy theories.

Scholar Op-eds

A U.S. Strategy to Contain and Engage Putin’s Russia — Michael McFaul (American Ambassadors Live, 11/25/20). 

Dressing for Dinner — Michael McFaul (American Purpose, 11/25/20).

Right-Wing Social Media Finalizes Its Divorce From Reality — Renee DiResta (The Atlantic, 11/23/20). 

Demography Is Not Destiny — Francis Fukuyama (American Purpose, 11/23/20). 

Why Biden Will Embrace The American Alliances in Northeast Asia — Daniel Sneider (Tokyo Business Today, 11/23/20).

We Still Don’t Understand Trumpism — Francis Fukuyama (Politico, 11/19/20).

Trump Is Wrong. There’s No Evidence of Election Fraud in Philadelphia — Nathaniel Persily (The New York Times, 11/19/20).

Can American Democracy Recover after Trump? — Larry Diamond (American Purpose, 11/18/20).

Five Types of Misinformation to Watch Out for While Ballots are Being Counted — and After — Renee DiResta (Nieman Lab, 11/10/20).

Trump’s Loss Not Necessarily Russia’s — Steven Pifer (The Moscow Times, 11/9/20). 

The 2020 Election Meltdown That Didn’t Happen, Even Amid the Covid Pandemic — Nathaniel Persily (The Wall Street Journal, 11/6/20). 

Trump May Lose, but Trumpism Endures — Daniel Sneider (Tokyo Business Today, 11/6/20). 

A New Administration Won’t Heal American Democracy — Larry Diamond (Foreign Affairs, 11/5/20). 

Scholars in the Media

How Should Biden Deal with Moscow? — Rose Gottemoeller (Brussels Sprouts Podcast, 12/4/20). 

Trump Nears ‘Checkmate’ Stage in Last-Gasp Bid to Undo Election — Nathaniel Persily (The Daily World, 12/1/20). 

To Russia’s Putin, President-Elect Biden is Still a ‘Candidate’ — Michael McFaul (The Washington Post, 11/26/20).

Biden's Picks for Cabinet Signal that Days of 'America First' are Over — Michael McFaul (The Straits Times, 11/25/20).

U.S. Dodged Bullet of an Autocrat President, Biden Faces Huge Challenges — Larry Diamond (The Straits Times, 11/25/20).

Biden’s DHS Pick Adds Cybersecurity Chops to the Incoming Administration — Christopher Painter (The Washington Post, 11/24/20).

U.S.-China-Taiwan: How Will Joe Biden Change the Balance? — Oriana Skylar Mastro (South China Morning Post, 11/24/20). 

Biden to Nominate Antony Blinken for Secretary of State — Michael McFaul (U.S. News & World Report, 11/23/20). 

Biden's U.S. to Remain Active in South China Sea, but Confront China Less — Oriana Skylar Mastro (VN Express International, 11/21/20).

A Vindictive Trump Seeks to Undermine Biden’s Presidency — Nathaniel Persily (The Washington Post, 11/21/20). 

Who Needs Russia? Loudest Attacks on U.S. Vote are from Trump — Alex Stamos (The Associated Press, 11/20/20). 

Biden's Day 1 Challenges: Misinformation Flood Control — Alex Stamos (Axios, 11/20/20).

As Legal Cases Founder, Trump Ratchets Up Personal Involvement in Election — Nathaniel Persily (PBS NewsHour, 11/19/20).

Each Day the Transition Doesn’t Formally Start, ‘Our Country Takes On More and More Risk’ — Brett McGurk (MSNBC, 11/17/20). 

What You Need to Know About the Election and Disinformation — Renee DiResta (The New York Times, 11/16/20).

Where Biden’s New Chief of Staff Stands on Tech — Renee DiResta (Politico, 11/13/20). 

Trump’s Attacks on Election Outcome Prolong Tech’s Emergency Measures — Alex Stamos (The Washington Post, 11/12/20). 

Korea Advised to take 'Measured' Approach to Biden — Daniel Sneider (The Korea Times, 11/12/20).

Myths About Vote Tampering Could Persist For Years, Say Experts — Alex Stamos (Defense One, 11/12/20).

Biden, the U.S., and the World — Michael McFaul (Back Story with Dana Lewis, 11/12/20).

What the Trump Campaign’s Legal Fights Could Mean for this Election and Overall Public Trust — Nathaniel Persily (PBS NewsHour, 11/10/20).

Twitter, Facebook Face an Uncertain Future in a Post-Trump U.S. — Alex Stamos (Government Technology, 11/10/20). 

How Cyber Policy will Evolve Under Biden — Christopher Painter (Politico, 11/9/20). 

Silicon Valley Gears Up for New Relationship with a Biden White House — Alex Stamos (The Washington Post, 11/9/20). 

Biden will get Tougher on Russia and Boost Election Security. Here's what to Expect — Christopher Painter (The Washington Post, 11/9/20). 

One Big Challenge for Biden? China’s Push for Tech Supremacy — Anja Manuel (Wired, 11/9/20).

Can Belarusians Count On More Support From Biden? — Steven Pifer (Radio Free Europe, 11/8/20). 

South Korea Welcomes Biden Victory — Gi-Wook Shin (Voice of America, 11/8/20). 

Trump May Have Lost, but Trumpism has only just Begun — Daniel Sneider (South China Morning Post, 11/8/20).

President Trump Can't Sue His Way to a Second Term. Why he is Trying Anyway — Nathaniel Persily (TIME, 11/7/20). 

How to Handle Post-Election Misinformation, even with a Presidential Winner Declared — Alex Stamos (Consumer Reports, 11/7/20). 

Despite Change at the White House, U.S. Allies will Remain Wary after Trump — Michael McFaul (Reuters, 11/7/20). 

Facebook, Twitter Tested by Trump's False Victory Claims — Alex Stamos (CNET, 11/7/20). 

The Machinery of American Democracy Worked This Year — Nathaniel Persily (The New York Times, 11/7/20).

Videos Falsely Claiming Election Fraud in Detroit Spread Quickly, with Help — Alex Stamos (Detriot Free Press, 11/6/20). 

Post-Election Healing: Experts Weigh In on Moving Forward, How to Bridge Divides — Larry Diamond (ABC7, 11/6/20).

Counting the Votes and Election Legal Challenges — Nathaniel Persily (WHYY, 11/5/20).

Facebook Removes Pro-Trump Group Urging ‘Boots On The Ground’ — Alex Stamos (WAMU, 11/5/20).

Legal Fights Over Vote Counts — Nathaniel Persily (Bloomberg Law Podcast, 11/5/20).

Voting is Over, but the Disinformation Machine is Humming Right Along — Renee DiResta (Marketplace, 11/5/20). 

What We Know About Vote Counting and Election-Related Lawsuits — Nathaniel Persily (PBS News Hour, 11/4/20).

Trump’s Early Victory Declarations Test Tech Giants’ Mettle In Policing Threats to the Election — Alex Stamos (The Washington Post, 11/4/20).

3 Types of Misinformation Spreading After the Election — Renee DiResta (The New York Times, 11/4/20). 

Disinformation Machine for Trump Targets Remaining Swing States — Alex Stamos (Bloomberg, 11/4/20). 

'Not Done': Why Social Media's Biggest Election Test is Ahead — Alex Stamos (NBC News, 11/4/20).

Facebook and Twitter Scramble to Curb Tide of Election Misinformation — Marietje Schaake (Financial Times, 11/3/20). 

Think Before You Share That Outrageous Election Day Video — Renee DiResta (Slate, 11/3/20).

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