International and Comparative Education

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Prashant Loyalka
Rural Education Action Program
Encina Hall
616 Serra Street
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Although poor-quality education exists at all levels, improving primary education access and quality in developing countries is a prerequisite for building a human resource base that meets the technological demands of the 21st century economy. FSI is collaborating with the Graduate School of Education to study educational disparities and policy options for improving the effectiveness and availability of schooling worldwide. FSI senior fellow Scott Rozelle and Professor of Education Francisco Ramirez are leading a broad initiative on international education. The initiative showcases new research suggesting that improvements targeted at the primary level are key to boosting educational achievement in developing countries.  Quarterly international education seminars explore the role of international aid in shaping policies and priorities for educational development and how efficacious and cost-efficient approaches, including curriculum development, better preparation of teachers and equitable access to instructional resources can lead to better educational outcomes.