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Nuclear Security

Since its founding during the height of the arms race, FSI's Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) has used scholarly research and Track II diplomacy to help reduce the dangers posed by nuclear weapons.

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FSI Nuclear Experts

FSI scholars at CISAC have been deeply involved in the study of nuclear security since the Cold War, many of them as government officials and scientists. For media requests, contact FSI Asst. Director for Communications Chaney Kourouniotis at

Siegfried Hecker

FSI Senior Fellow
Former Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory

A research professor of management science and engineering, Hecker is an internationally recognized expert in plutonium science, global threat reduction, and nuclear security. Latest publication: Doomed to Cooperate

William Perry

FSI Senior Fellow
Former Secretary of Defense

Perry, the 19th U.S. Secretary of Defense (under Bill Clinton), is the Michael and Barbara Berberian Professor of Engineering (emeritus). Latest publication: My Journey at the Nuclear Brink

Scott Sagan

FSI and CISAC Senior Fellow
Nuclear and security expert

Sagan is the Caroline S.G. Munro Professor of Political Science and formerly served as a consultant to the office of the Secretary of Defense, at the Sandia National Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Latest publication: Insider Threats

Rodney Ewing

FSI Senior Fellow
Geologist and nuclear waste expert

Ewing holds a patent for the development of a material that immobilizes plutonium, and recently had a mineral (ewingite) named after him. Latest publication: Reassess New Mexico's nuclear-waste repository