Biden Putin Summit June 2021

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Assessing the Biden-Putin Summit

Expert analysis and commentary by Stanford scholars on U.S.-Russia relations under Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

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Direct dialogue is the right approach, but now the work back home is for Biden to develop a more robust deterrence and containment strategy to stop Putin's more belligerent behaviors, says FSI Director Michael McFaul.

Analysis and Commentary

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How Biden Should Deal with Putin

Summits are good, but containment is better, writes Michael McFaul in Foreign Affairs.

Biden and Putin Have a Nuclear Treaty to Discuss. Here’s What They Should Do.

What really makes a summit successful, according to Rose Gottemoeller, the top U.S. architect of the New START treaty.
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Setting the Biden-Putin Summit Bar Low

The meeting in Geneva is about better management of a difficult relationship that will remain troubled for the foreseeable future, writes Steven Pifer.
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How We Should Measure the Success of Biden’s Summit with Putin

FSI Director Michael McFaul urges Biden’s national security team to focus on advancing concrete goals with Russia while also preparing for inevitable concessions.
Vladamir Putin at a Victory Day military parade in the Red Square, Moscow

Biden Administration Must Find Ways to Both Cooperate with and Constrain Putin Regime

FSI Deputy Director Kathryn Stoner discusses how Joe Biden’s foreign policy in Russia is a departure from the Trump administration.
Rose Gottemoeller listens during a press conference on Capitol Hill about the New START Treaty.

Negotiating with Russia and the Art of the Nuclear Arms Deal

Rose Gottemoeller recounts the diplomatic challenges and successes of crafting nuclear arms policy with Russia in her new book, "Negotiating the New START Treaty."
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Don’t Underestimate Russia’s Capabilities, Influence on the Global Stage, says Kathryn Stoner

Moscow is more capable of disrupting global world order than it is given credit for, FSI Deputy Director Kathryn Stoner argues.
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Biden Administration Should Aim to Bring Positive Change to a Tense U.S.-Russia Relationship

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer says we can expect a consistency between the president’s behavior and policy toward Russia.
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The Art of Negotiating Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons

Policymakers should consult closely with our allies when negotiating U.S.-Russia nuclear arms control deals, urges Steven Pifer, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.


Vladimir Putin, Apostle of Payback

Vladimir Putin, Apostle of Payback

Russia Resurrected: Its Power and Purpose in A New Global Order

Russia Resurrected: Its Power and Purpose in A New Global Order

Negotiating the New START Treaty, with Rose Gottemoeller

Negotiating the New START Treaty, with Rose Gottemoeller


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Scholars in the Media

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