Recommendations for the Biden Administration

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Recommendations for the Biden Administration

Policy-relevant research, analysis and commentary from scholars at FSI.

Capitol Building

Stanford Scholars React to Capitol Hill Takeover

FSI scholars reflect on the occupation of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and suggest what needs to happen next to preserve democracy.
A memorial to Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was killed by pro-Trump rioters on Jan. 6

To Support Democracy Abroad, the U.S. Needs to Set its Own House in Order

FSI Director Michael McFaul recommends that the incoming Biden administration “go big” in its efforts to reaffirm core democratic values.
Trump supporters at the Capitol Building

New Administration Inherits a Democracy in Crisis, Explains FSI Panel

Scholars say there is much work to be done to restore confidence in democracy in America and around the world.

U.S. Capitol Building at night

Top Technology Policy Priorities for the New Administration

Now is the time to rally the world around a democratic vision of digital society.
Joe Biden

Biden in Asia: America Together?

Southeast Asia Program Director Donald K. Emmerson considers how the incoming Biden administration's "internationalization" agenda may affect U.S.-Asia relations and partnerships with the global community.
President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen

Biden Will Speak Softer but Act Stronger on Taiwan

U.S. support will be strengthened, but Trump’s provocations will disappear, writes Oriana Skylar Mastro.

nuclear bomb

Reviving Nuclear Arms Control Under Biden

The Biden presidency that begins in January will adopt some very different directions from its predecessor in foreign policy. One such area is arms control, particularly nuclear arms control with Russia—the one country capable of physically destroying America, writes Steven Pifer.
A man walks past a digital screen showing images of President-elect Joe Biden in a news program.

Japan's Role Could Redefine Asia-Pacific Relations Under Biden and Suga

President-elect Biden's early conversations with Japan's prime minister Yoshihide Suga seem to signal a renewed commitment to coordination on issues of security, environmentalism, human rights, and China's influence, writes Kiyoteru Tsutsui.
President Biden walks past a row of Chinese and American flags.

The Outlook for U.S.-Asia Policy Under the Biden Administration

An APARC-wide panel provides a region-by-region analysis of what’s next for U.S. policy towards Asia and recommendations for the new administration.

china and us flags

Heal the Transatlantic Technology Policy Rift to Combat China's Digital Authoritarian Model

Our EU partners must resist the impulse to digital sovereignty.


The Biden Presidency and U.S.-Asia Policy

The Biden Presidency and U.S.-Asia Policy

January 6th and the Crisis of American Democracy

January 6th and the Crisis of American Democracy

McFaul: The U.S. Must Reaffirm its Democratic Values

McFaul: The U.S. Must Reaffirm its Democratic Values

Upcoming Events

The Storming of the Capitol and the Future of Speech Online

January 22, 2021 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Xi - Biden

Biden Administration Will Rely On U.S. Allies for Support as Tensions with China Continue to Rise

On the World Class Podcast, international security expert Oriana Skylar Mastro says conflict between China and Taiwan is plausible within the next 15 years, and the U.S. will likely be involved.

Scholar Op-eds

How to Contain Putin’s Russia — Michael McFaul (Foreign Affairs, 1/19/21). 

How America’s Political Decay Accelerated During the Trump Era — Francis Fukuyama (Foreign Affairs, 1/18/21). 

A Proposal for a Commission on the Capitol Siege — Herb Lin and Amy Zegart (Lawfare, 1/15/21). 

Sell It Again, Uncle Sam — Michael McFaul (American Purpose, 1/13/21).

The Essential State — Francis Fukuyama (American Purpose, 1/11/21).

The Capitol Siege Is the Wake-up Call America Shouldn’t Have Needed — Larry Diamond (Foregin Affairs, 1/7/21). 

Cybersecurity and the Occupation of the Capitol — Herbert Lin (Lawfare, 1/7/21). 

Involving the Military in Election Disputes Would Cross into Dangerous Territory — William J. Perry (The Washington Post, 1/3/21). 

Everybody Spies in Cyberspace. The U.S. Must Plan Accordingly — Amy Zegart (The Atlantic, 12/30/20). 

The U.S. Should Stop Underestimating Russian Power — Kathryn Stoner (The Wall Street Journal, 12/23/20).

Trump's 'America First' Policies Leave Biden with Major China and Russia (and Other) Problems — Michael McFaul (NBC News, 12/16/20). 

Francis Fukuyama on the State of Democracy in 2020 and Beyond — Francis Fukuyama (The Wall Street Journal, 12/15/20). 

Sometimes You Get Another Chance — Michael McFaul (American Purpose, 12/14/20).

Managing U.S. Sanctions Toward Russia — Steven Pifer (Brookings, 12/11/20). 

Cold War Lessons and Fallacies for U.S.-China Relations Today — Michael McFaul (The Washington Quarterly, 12/11/20).

The Real Reason Biden’s Pick for Pentagon Chief is the Wrong Choice — Oriana Skylar Mastro (The Washington Post, 12/9/20).

A U.S. Strategy to Contain and Engage Putin’s Russia — Michael McFaul (American Ambassadors Live, 11/25/20). 

Dressing for Dinner — Michael McFaul (American Purpose, 11/25/20).

Why Biden Will Embrace The American Alliances in Northeast Asia — Daniel Sneider (Tokyo Business Today, 11/23/20).

A New Administration Won’t Heal American Democracy — Larry Diamond (Foreign Affairs, 11/5/20). 

Scholars in the Media

China’s Xi Looks to Take Advantage of a Strong Economic Hand — Oriana Skylar Mastro (The Wall Street Journal, 1/15/21). 

Capitol Riot Broke Social Media, and the Effects Will Be Lasting — Renee DiResta (Bloomberg, 1/14/21).

To Support Democracy Abroad, the U.S. Needs to Set Its Own House in Order — Michael McFaul (Stanford News, 1/14/21). 

Does Trump's Second Impeachment Have Cybersecurity Impact? — Christopher Painter (Data Breach Today, 1/14/21).

Nuclear Stand-Off: Can Joe Biden Avert a New Arms Race? — Rose Gottemoeller (The Guardian, 1/11/21).

Biden Picks More National Security Aides While Resignations Gut Trump's Own NSC — Brett McGurk (NPR, 1/8/21).

Biden Admin’s Vaccine Plan: Release All Stored Doses — Joshua Salomon (Gizmodo, 1/8/21).

The World Reacts to the Capitol Hill Riots — Marietje Schaake (CNN, 1/7/21).

Biden Called Trump 'Putin's Puppy.' The President-elect May Put Moscow on a Tighter Leash — Michael McFaul (NBC News, 12/22/20).

Unfinished Business: Next Steps on U.S.-Russia Arms Control — Steven Pifer (Finnish Institute of International Affiars, 12/7/20).

How Should Biden Deal with Moscow? — Rose Gottemoeller (Brussels Sprouts Podcast, 12/4/20). 

To Russia’s Putin, President-Elect Biden is Still a ‘Candidate’ — Michael McFaul (The Washington Post, 11/26/20).

U.S. Dodged Bullet of an Autocrat President, Biden Faces Huge Challenges — Larry Diamond (The Straits Times, 11/25/20).

Biden’s DHS Pick Adds Cybersecurity Chops to the Incoming Administration — Christopher Painter (The Washington Post, 11/24/20).

U.S.-China-Taiwan: How Will Joe Biden Change the Balance? — Oriana Skylar Mastro (South China Morning Post, 11/24/20). 

Biden to Nominate Antony Blinken for Secretary of State — Michael McFaul (U.S. News & World Report, 11/23/20). 

Biden's U.S. to Remain Active in South China Sea, but Confront China Less — Oriana Skylar Mastro (VN Express International, 11/21/20).

Biden's Day 1 Challenges: Misinformation Flood Control — Alex Stamos (Axios, 11/20/20).

Where Biden’s New Chief of Staff Stands on Tech — Renee DiResta (Politico, 11/13/20). 

Korea Advised to take 'Measured' Approach to Biden — Daniel Sneider (The Korea Times, 11/12/20).

Biden, the U.S., and the World — Michael McFaul (Back Story with Dana Lewis, 11/12/20).

How Cyber Policy will Evolve Under Biden — Christopher Painter (Politico, 11/9/20). 

Silicon Valley Gears Up for New Relationship with a Biden White House — Alex Stamos (The Washington Post, 11/9/20). 

Biden will get Tougher on Russia and Boost Election Security. Here's what to Expect — Christopher Painter (The Washington Post, 11/9/20). 

One Big Challenge for Biden? China’s Push for Tech Supremacy — Anja Manuel (Wired, 11/9/20).

Can Belarusians Count On More Support From Biden? — Steven Pifer (Radio Free Europe, 11/8/20). 

South Korea Welcomes Biden Victory — Gi-Wook Shin (Voice of America, 11/8/20).

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