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Research at FSI Stanford, by topic

Scholars at the Institute's research centers conduct research and teaching on such issues as nuclear proliferation, chemical and bioterrorism, democracy and the rule of law, conflict prevention and peacekeeping, international health policy and infectious diseases, and the political economy and regional dynamics of Asia. This work is conducted in collaboration with Stanford's world-class schools of business, earth sciences, education, engineering, humanities and sciences, law and medicine.


Electricity | Energy and Climate Policy | Energy Infrastructure | Energy Services | Fossil Fuels | Nuclear Energy | Renewable Energy


Agriculture | Aquaculture | Climate | Natural Resources


Democracy | Elections | Human Rights | Information Technology | Institutions and Organizations | Policy Analysis

Health and Medicine

Aging | Disease | Global Health | Health Care | Health Outcomes | Nutrition | Public Health

International Development

Economic Affairs | Education | Entrepreneurship | Food Security | Science and Technology

International Relations

Foreign Aid | Foreign policy | Migration and Citizenship | Trade


Biosecurity | Conflict | Crime | Cybersecurity | Food Security | Nuclear Risk | Terrorism


Aging | Culture | Education | Ethnicity | Gender | History | Migration and Citizenship