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The Status Quo of Teaching Reading Skills in Rural Primary Schools in China: PIRLS Questionnaires in Guizhou and Jiangxi

December 2020

早期阅读能力的健康发展有利于提高小学生的学业成绩并改善其长期教育表现。本研究从 学校和教师的角度探究我国农村小学阅读教学现状,为促进农村学生早期阅读发展奠定基础。基于贵 州、江西150 所农村小学调查数据,通过国际比较发现,现阶段我国农村小学阅读教学仍存在教师学历 水平相对较低、阅读培训时间较短、阅读教学基础教材单一、学校培养学生阅读技能时间较晚等不足。

疫情之后: 企业的重振与美中​经济​关系前景

July 2020

To explore how business leaders and entrepreneurs in China responded to the COVID-19 lockdown and how they’re planning for the future, the China Program conducted a survey in coordination with the...


July 2019

"未來很長時間內將難以出現堪與本書媲美的作品"─ 麥克法夸爾(Roderick MacFarquhar)1949 年,毛澤東在內戰失敗的邊緣贏得勝利;七年後,他卻在勝利的邊緣一再遭遇慘敗。無論毛澤東想做什麼,他的初衷與事態的走向總是背道而馳,他的每一種對策,都導向更大的災難…原因何在?本書以社會結構關係為主線,敘述1949–1976 年間毛澤東革命政權的興衰。


August 2017

陕南农村地区6~12 月龄婴儿贫血的风险因素分析

August 2016

[摘要] 目的 探讨陕南农村地区6~12 月龄婴儿的贫血发生情况及其风险因素。方法 采用问卷调查方法收集陕南农村地区6~12 月龄婴儿的个人和家庭基本情况、喂养行为信息,并测定血红蛋白含量。采用多因素logistic 逐步回归法分析婴儿贫血发生的风险因素。结果 共有1 802 例婴儿及其家庭参与该调查,有效样本 1 770 例。

Protest Dialectics: State Repression and South Korea's Democracy Movement, 1970–1979

April 2015

1970s South Korea is characterized by many as the "dark age for democracy." Most scholarship on South Korea's democracy movement and civil society has focused on the "student revolution" in 1960...

The End of Expensive Oil?

March 2015

The shale oil and gas revolution in the United States (U.S.) has led to a more than 4 million barrels per day increase in domestic oil production since 2008.

Delivering public services effectively: Tamil Nadu & Beyond

November 2014

Foreword by Jean Drèze   About the book There is a wide diversity in the provision of public services in India.

Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy

September 2014

  Book Description Writing in The New York Time Book review, Michael Lind described The Origins of Political Order as "a major achievement by one of the leading public intellectuals of our time."...

Countering Sanctions: The Unequal Geographic Impact of Economic Sanctions in North Korea

August 2014

This paper examines how an autocratic regime domestically counters the impact of economic sanctions.

James V. Neel and Yuri E. Dubrova: Cold War Debates and the Genetic Effects of Low-Dose Radiation

July 2014

In this joint article published in the Journal of the History of Biology, authors Goldstein and Stawkowski describe disagreements about the genetic effects of low-dose radiation exposure as waged...

Wartime History Issues in Asia: Pathways to Reconciliation

May 2014

“Wartime History Issues in Asia: Pathways to Reconciliation,” a Track II dialogue held at Stanford University on May 11-13, 2014, convened academic experts from Asia, the United States and Europe...


June 2012



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