Other Publications

Wartime History Issues in Asia: Pathways to Reconciliation

May 2014

“Wartime History Issues in Asia: Pathways to Reconciliation,” a Track II dialogue held at Stanford University on May 11-13, 2014, convened academic experts from Asia, the United States and Europe...


Ethnic Conflict Resolution in the 21st Century: A Functioning Model from Europe

February 2011

The 21st century has been branded the century of the worldwide return of ethnonationalisms. Conflicts based on cultural differences are boiling up in many regions, leading to civil wars and to the breakup of states.

The Good News from Africa: Success Stories and Their Implications

November 2010

John Prendergast, an author, teacher, and human rights activist who for 25 years has worked tirelessly for peace in Africa, has been selected to deliver the 2010 S.T. Lee Lecture.  Mr.

Power & Prosperity: New Dynamics, New Dilemmas

November 2007

FSI's annual International Conference and Dinner Join us for an invigorating day of addresses, debates and discussions of changing patterns of power and prosperity in the international system.