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财新专栏4: 呼唤学前教育大改革

December 2013

Caixin Column 4: 呼唤学前教育大改革

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Ebola, Child Survival, and the Meaning of Security: Confronting the Political Requirements of Health

October 28, 2014

This event is co-sponsored by the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation (SCICN). Abstract: The catastrophic outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa has cast a harsh light...



  在过去十年中,中国政府在医疗领域进行了多项改革和投资,力图改善超过六亿农民和农民工群体的医疗条件。 问题 新的投资意图降低农民在县医院、镇卫生室和村卫生室就医的难度。2011年,政府对医疗方面的投资达到了155美金/人。这些投资主要用于增大医疗服务的覆盖面。截至2010年底,医疗保险覆盖了96%的农村居民。


在“只有看清世界才能学习成长”项目中,我们使用了一系列的指导材料来向儿童、家长和老师普及视力问题知识以及寻求视力治疗的重要性。欢迎阅读我们的材料:         > 返回“只有看清世界才能学习成长”项目主页


  条分缕析REAP的视力项目 2012-2013年“只有看清世界才能学习成长”项目涉及到多方因素,需要大量的人力物力来完成。让我们一起来仔细看看整个项目的发展时间表:   规划和联络 2012年七月——正值盛夏,我们的田野协调员第一次进入我们的样本区以获取学校名单和政府支持,并到我们样本中的18个县寻找当地配镜员,请他们帮助我们进行验光。


2007 Payne Lecture: AIDS: Pandemic and Agent for Change

May 2007

Executive Director of UNAIDS since its creation in 1995 and Under Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr.

Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery

May 2009

In a culmination of years of research, travel, and experience, Siddarth Kara puts together his thesis on how to tackle the business of modern sex slavery in his Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery.

The Impact of Migration on the Sending Country: Evidence from the Philippines

May 2013

More than 215 million people—approximately 3% of the world’s population—now live outside their country of birth (United Nations, 2009).