Health and Medicine

Health and Medicine

FSI’s researchers assess health and medicine through the lenses of economics, nutrition and politics. They’re studying and influencing public health policies of local and national governments and the roles that corporations and nongovernmental organizations play in providing health care around the world. Scholars look at how governance affects citizens’ health, how children’s health care access affects the aging process and how to improve children’s health in Guatemala and rural China. They want to know what it will take for people to cook more safely and breathe more easily in developing countries.

FSI professors investigate how lifestyles affect health. What good does gardening do for older Americans? What are the benefits of eating organic food or growing genetically modified rice in China? They study cost-effectiveness by examining programs like those aimed at preventing the spread of tuberculosis in Russian prisons. Policies that impact obesity and undernutrition are examined; as are the public health implications of limiting salt in processed foods and the role of smoking among men who work in Chinese factories. FSI health research looks at sweeping domestic policies like the Affordable Care Act and the role of foreign aid in affecting the price of HIV drugs in Africa.

Scholarly Publications

陕南农村地区6~12 月龄婴儿贫血的风险因素分析

August 2016

[摘要] 目的 探讨陕南农村地区6~12 月龄婴儿的贫血发生情况及其风险因素。方法 采用问卷调查方法收集陕南农村地区6~12 月龄婴儿的个人和家庭基本情况、喂养行为信息,并测定血红蛋白含量。采用多因素logistic 逐步回归法分析婴儿贫血发生的风险因素。结果 共有1 802 例婴儿及其家庭参与该调查,有效样本 1 770 例。

Other Publications

疫情之后: 企业的重振与美中​经济​关系前景

July 2020

To explore how business leaders and entrepreneurs in China responded to the COVID-19 lockdown and how they’re planning for the future, the China Program conducted a survey in coordination with the...



March 2015

年关将近,西安东南方167公里外的地级市商洛全境积雪尚未融化。2月11日,星期三, 33岁的李波、31岁的颜淑霞爬上略陡的雪坡路,来到丹凤县商镇黑沟河村。这一天,这两位在商镇计生服务站供职的计生干部要拜访这个国家级贫困县当中的8名0到3岁的幼儿。

财新专栏7&8: 填平数字鸿沟

March 2014

财新专栏7&8: 填平数字鸿沟

财新专栏6: 农村儿童的两个反差

March 2014

Caixin Column 6: 农村儿童的两个反差



  为了给农村儿童提供高质量的视力保护,我们培训教师,让他们来在学校进行视力测试。 在农村地区,每400,000人中只有1个眼科医生。而且这个眼科医生大多数情况下都是在县里。为了寻求视力治疗,每十位村民中有七位要坐几个小时的公共交通工具到县里。由于农村的视力治疗资源如此有限,只有1/6到1/7的有视力问题的孩子有眼镜。


  我们的研究表明中国农村地区的视力保健系统需要极大改变。我们现在正在和当地政府一起发展一个提供视力治疗的系统。   “只有看清世界才能学习成长”项目的第一轮发现,尽管在农村地区存在大范围的未矫正视力的情况,但是视力矫正服务仍然十分有限。数据显示中国的视力检测和治疗方法需要大幅度的改善。中国政府需要一个视力检测和治疗系统以便大范围地在全国范围内实施。

Nutrition, Health and Education <br> 营养,健康和教育 _ Migration

受资源限制,中国农村地区的学生面临着教育资源短缺。一个同等重要,但可能不会立即体现出来的障碍就是他们的健康问题。   REAP项目发现,很大比例的在学儿童存在着根本性的健康问题。例如,25%-40%的农村小学生营养不良,超过10%的小学生有视力问题,近40%的学生存在寄生虫感染问题 。   我们能做些什么?   25%-40%的农村小学生营养不良。


Seeing is Learning: Through a Student's Eyes

September 2015

This video is in Chinese.

Water and agriculture in a changing Africa: What might be done?

May 2013

Effective water management is one key element of agricultural innovation and growth.

The Impact of Migration on the Sending Country: Evidence from the Philippines

May 2013

More than 215 million people—approximately 3% of the world’s population—now live outside their country of birth (United Nations, 2009).