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June 2012


Countering Sanctions: The Unequal Geographic Impact of Economic Sanctions in North Korea

August 2014

This paper examines how an autocratic regime domestically counters the impact of economic sanctions.

James V. Neel and Yuri E. Dubrova: Cold War Debates and the Genetic Effects of Low-Dose Radiation

July 2014

In this joint article published in the Journal of the History of Biology, authors Goldstein and Stawkowski describe disagreements about the genetic effects of low-dose radiation exposure as waged...

Old Events

U.S.-China Relations in the Shadow of the Future

December 4, 2014

This event is co-sponsored by the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation (SCICN)Abstract: The paper I am circulating is the product of collaboration between a Chinese colleague...

Understanding Police Use of Lethal Force in Rio de Janeiro

October 2, 2014

This event is co-sponsored by the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation (SCICN) Abstract: Lethal violence has been historically very high in the metropolitan area of Rio de...



问题 美国学生,特别是高中生,对中国的了解甚少。对于世界上最重要的这两个国家,这是一个巨大的潜在问题。 尽管中美关系愈发重要,大部分美国高中生仍没有有效的课程途径来学习了解当代中国。 为什么美国的学生们不能更好地了解中国?一方面,中国是个非常复杂的国家。中国正在经历大规模、复杂的经济转型, 这是前所未有的。 国内既有繁华高档的地区,也有贫穷待发展的地区。

Can Life Counselors Curb Dropout in Rural Chinese Schools? <br> 生活辅导老师能抑制中国农村地区学校的辍学吗?

问题      在中国,城乡之间的社会和经济差距任然是巨大的,尤其是在教育领域。虽然几乎所有大城市的学生都能进入高级中学读书,但是却仅有不到一半的贫困农村地区的孩子将只能进入中等学校读书。      随着中国社会的不断发展,对于没有技能的劳动力的需求数量将会下降,那些离开初中辍学的人的就业机会较少。


问题 尽管,中国农村教育在过去十年取得了长足的发展,但农村地区教育水平依然面临着许多挑战,其教育水平也远远落后于城市地区。其中一个挑战是农村学生比城市地区同龄学生晚上学问题。在城市地区几乎所有的儿童都会上幼儿园/学前班,城市幼儿园/学前班的教学质量普遍较高。相反,在农村地区的幼儿园/学前班,即便有,教学质量也难以让人信服。


2006 FSI International Conference: A World at Risk

November 2006

An invigorating day of addresses, debate, and discussion of major sources of systemic and human risk facing the global community.

2007 Payne Lecture: AIDS: Pandemic and Agent for Change

May 2007

Executive Director of UNAIDS since its creation in 1995 and Under Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr.

The International Initiative First Annual Symposium: Technology & Culture

April 2007

The Symposium on Technology and Culture is open to the entire Stanford community, but is designed primarily for Stanford faculty to share their work with other faculty as a means of promoting collaborative interdisciplinary work on various aspects...


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