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Nowhere to Hide: How a nuclear war would kill you — and almost everyone else.

October 2022

Direct radiation lasts less than a second, but its lethal level can extend over a mile in all directions from the detonation point of a modern-day nuclear weapon with an explosive yield equal to the...

Would Putin Roll the Nuclear Dice?

October 2022

"The hope is that rationality would prevail, and that senior political and military leaders in Moscow, who may not be so obsessed with Ukraine, would come down on the side of caution."

How to Keep the Ukraine Conflict From Going Nuclear

October 2022

Putin’s menacing rhetoric has alarmed the West, but lessons learned 60 years ago in the Cuban Missile Crisis provide some reassurance

Pushing back against Putin’s threat of nuclear use in Ukraine

October 2022

Seven and a half months after it began, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has not gone as the Kremlin had hoped. The Ukrainian military has resisted with skill and tenacity, in...

Can the NPT fulfill its promise to eliminate nuclear weapons?

August 2022

Latin American countries will push again for nuclear disarmament at this month’s review conference

Siegfried Hecker: Putin has destroyed the world nuclear order. How should the democracies respond?

April 2022

One of the world’s foremost nuclear security and policy experts, Sig Hecker has spent much of an illustrious career working to enhance cooperation among US and Russian scientists and their...

‘A Monkey with a Grenade’: Russia's Attacks on Nuclear Reactors Cross a Dangerous Line

March 2022

Firing on civilian nuclear facilities is an unacceptable disregard for the rules of war that endangers the entire world, not just Ukraine.

Nuclear reactors in a war zone: A new type of weapon?

March 2022

As the tragedy in Ukraine unfolds before the world with each day darker than the next, Russian saber rattling with nuclear weapons is only a part of the nuclear concern.

Can reactor fuel debris be safely removed from Fukushima Daiichi?

February 2022

More than a decade after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) disaster, an international team of researchers uncovered critical new information related to the retrieval and management of...

Surveilling the Future of American Intelligence

February 2022

Amy Zegart joins Michael McFaul on World Class podcast to talk about Spies, Lies and Algorithms, her new book exploring how the U.S. intelligence community needs to adapt to face a new era of...

Reassessing China’s Capabilities and Goals for Strategic Competition

November 2021

On the World Class podcast, Oriana Skylar Mastro argues that in order to set effective policy toward China, the United States needs to better understand how and why China is projecting power.

What are hypersonic missiles and why do they matter?

November 2021

Following a recent test in China, Cameron Tracy talks to the BBC about a new breed of hypersonic missiles and whether they will make the world a more dangerous place.

China's Hypersonic Weapons Tests Don't Have to be a Sputnick Moment

October 2021

China conducted a series of tests with nuclear-capable hypersonic weapons systems that have gotten the attention of officials across the U.S. government. The tests included a hypersonic glide vehicle...

The Standstill Conundrum: The Advent of Second-Strike Vulnerability and Options to Address It

October 2021

Emerging and disruptive technologies spell an uncertain future for second-strike retaliatory forces. New sensors and big data analysis may render mobile missiles and submarines vulnerable to...

The North Korean Nuclear Question Revisited: Facts, Myths and Uncertainties

September 2021

Facts are difficult to come by, myths are deeply ingrained, and uncertainties lurk everywhere — that, in short, is the nature of North Korea’s nuclear program.

Strengthen U.S. Security Through Nuclear Arms Reductions

September 2021

Biden has an opportunity to bolster deterrence, reduce proliferation risks, and lower the risk of nuclear war.

Stanford history project centers on marginalized Bay Area community

September 2021

Stanford historians are illuminating the complex story of environmental damage in San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood.

China's nuclear build-up: The great distraction

September 2021

President Biden is reviewing America’s nuclear posture. By January, we should know what he thinks about U.S. nuclear weapons, what policies should govern them and how many we need. Congress is...

A combination of failures

August 2021

Why 3.6m pounds of nuclear waste is buried on a popular California beach. Rod Ewing comments.

The Art of Negotiating Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons

June 2021

As Washington develops its negotiating approach, it should consult closely with allies, bearing in mind that the approach could have a major impact on their security perceptions.

The Illegality of Targeting Civilians by Way of Belligerent Reprisal: Implications for U.S. Nuclear Doctrine

May 2021

Scott Sagan and Allen Weiner argue that for legal, ethical, and strategic reasons, it is time for the United States to affirmatively recognize the customary international law prohibition on targeting...

What’s ‘Communist’ about the Communist Party of China?

March 2021

Is the Chinese Communist Party really communist at all? Expert Jude Blanchette, Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, weighs in.

Military Competition with China: Harder to Win Than During the Cold War?

February 2021

On February 10th, the APARC China Program hosted Professor Oriana Mastro to discuss military relations between the US and China, and why deterrence might be even more difficult than during the Cold...

Biden puts US national security first in extending New START Treaty

January 2021

Extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, with Russia was one of President Biden’s first foreign policy acts after he took the oath of office on Jan. 20. The treaty would have...


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