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Unpacking the Escalating U.S.-China Conflict: Q&A with David M. Lampton

August 2019

The U.S.-China relationship is in a dangerous downward spiral.

U.S.-China Trade Dispute Likely to Morph into Technology War, Says President of the U.S.-China Business Council

March 2019

U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators remain engaged in intensive talks, although it is yet to be seen whether and when they can strike a final deal.

Shorenstein APARC experts offer analysis, insights on Xi-Trump summit

April 2017

President Trump hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping last week at Mar-a-Lago for their first meeting which set out to address economic, trade and security challenges shared between the two countries...

Noura Erakat analyzes the political and legal contexts of the 2014 Gaza war [VIDEO]

May 2015

As part of the Arab Reform and Democracy Program's speaker series, George Mason University scholar Noura Erakat examined the political and legal contexts for the 2014 Gaza war. In July and August...

Students simulate White House war-room drama in class born of Ethics & War series

June 2012

Stanford undergraduate and law students simulate Cabinet war-room meeting on whether to launch a pre-emptive strike against Syria for The Ethics and Law of War class, which grew out of the two-year...

Erik Jensen and students shaping rule of law in Afghanistan

March 2011

The Stanford Afghanistan Legal Education Project (ALEP) led by CDDRL faculty Erik Jensen recently traveled to Afghanistan.

Jennifer Bussell on reforming Indian Public Services in the digital era

January 2011

Jennifer Bussell, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at the Lyndon B.

Dialogue, diplomacy urged to resolve North Korea issues

October 2010

The world first became concerned about North Korea's nuclear development program in 1989 through satellite photos of a facility under construction near the town of Yongbyon.

January 2009 Dispatch - Are Global Protest Movements Becoming Regionalized? The Case Study of the 2008 G8 Summit

January 2009

We are pleased to bring you this month's dispatch in our series of Shorenstein APARC Dispatches. This month's piece "Are Global Protest Movements Becoming Regionalized?

U.S. Policy in Korea after the elections

October 2008

Will the 2008 election bring dramatic change in U.S. Korea policy? Daniel C.

Claims, treaties, and resolution of territorial disputes

September 2008

Prominent conflicts such as the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir and the conflict on the Korean Peninsula highlight the need for peaceful solutions to violent territorial disputes.

Op-ed: Shultz's engagement with Soviets offers lessons today for Iran, says McFaul

July 2008

When George Shultz became Secretary of State in 1982, writes Michael McFaul in, he began to challenge the Reagan administration's policy of disengagement, arguing that the...

Sagan wins Gerner teaching award

April 2008

The International Studies Association has awarded CISAC Co-Director Scott Sagan the 2008 Deborah "Misty" Gerner Innovative Teaching in International Studies Award for his simulation exercise that...

Sneider: Cautionary lessons for U.S.-Korea relationship

March 2008

Daniel Sneider, associate director for research at Shorenstein APARC, gives a few cautionary lessons on U.S.-Korea relations.

O'Melveny & Myers funds faculty chair at Stanford Law School honoring former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher

February 2008

STANFORD, Calif., February 14, 2008 - Stanford Law School today announced that O'Melveny & Myers law firm and a number of its current and retired partners have committed $1.5 million over five...

Summit: right idea at wrong time?

September 2007

The inter-Korean summit planned for early October is the right idea, but it may be taking place at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

After 60 years, Pakistanis struggle to find right course

August 2007

Two countries with a common and ancient civilization, India and Pakistan, celebrated 60 years of independence from colonial rule this week.

Finding Mandela

August 2007

Several years ago, a high-level Israeli official asked me to tell him everything I could about how the Israelis might find their Palestinian Mandela.

"The fruits of the victory fall mostly to the North Koreans," says Shorenstein APARC's Daniel Sneider

March 2007

The six-party agreement reached last week in Beijing to cap North Korea's nuclear program was a triumph for diplomacy.

CISAC scholar leads newly endowed, expanded International Policy Studies program

February 2007

Starting next fall, Stanford's 25-year-old International Policy Studies (IPS) master's program will double in length and expand its interdisciplinary scope to train a new generation of graduates...

IDL Offers Simulation on Iran's Nuclear Program

January 2007

Discussions began, tentatively at first, as the delegates slipped into the roles they had been assigned and for which they had prepared for several months.

Real superpowers negotiate: Op-ed by CISAC honors graduate

December 2006

The Bush administration should set aside its "anything-but-Clinton" policy toward North Korea and move to end a dangerous stalemate with that country, write Professor Robert C.

In search of a North Korea policy

November 2006

"North Korea's declared nuclear bomb test program will increase the incentives for other nations to go nuclear, will endanger security in the region and could ultimately result in nuclear terrorism...

APEC and the future of regionalism in Asia

November 2006

On November 2, 2006, Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, in association with University of California, Berkeley's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Study Center,...


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