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The Eurocrisis and Opportunities for further EU Integration

January 17, 2013

During the past few years, the European Union has experienced one of the most difficult periods in its now sixty-year long process of unification.

Korea and Vietnam: The Bilateral Relationship

March 2, 2012

Ambassador Joon-woo Park, the 2011–12 Koret Fellow and a former senior diplomat from Korea, will give a historical review of Korea-Vietnam bilateral relations, including the effects of Korea's...

Austria and Central Europe Since 1989: Legacies and Future Prospects

March 5, 2009

This conference on Austria and Central Europe Since 1989: Legacies and Future Prospects is the third in the series of biannual international conferences to study the political and cultural...

The United Kingdom and Current Challenges and Opportunities in World Politics

March 30, 2006

Since 2004, Dominic Martin has been Counsellor at the British Embassy Washington, responsible for Political and Public Affairs. Mr.

The Trans-Atlantic Family - Counseling, Mediation or Divorce

April 7, 2005

Christopher Patten, Rt.

Mini-Symposium: Political and Economic Aspects of European Union Enlargement

December 6, 2002

Political Panel 10:00am - 12:00pm Speakers: Leonardo Morlino, Terry Givens, Amichai Adam Magen Economic Panel 11:00am - 12:00pm Speakers: Timothy Josling, Karl Aiginger, Pan Yotopoulos Lunch 12...

Legislative Procedures in the European Union: An Empirical Analysis

January 27, 2000

European Political Systems Seminar