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Cigarette Smoking and the Tobacco Farmer

December 1970

Technical Assessment of Public Health Aspects of Pest Control, A

December 1976

A Public Health Approach to Children's Mental Health Services: Possible Solutions to Current Service Inadequacies

December 2009

The Child-Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) system confronts clinically complex youth with high rates of behavior problems, diverse mental health disorders, substance abuse, criminal...

Effects of Externally Rated Job Demand and Control on Depression Diagnosis Claims in an Industrial Cohort

December 2009

This study examined whether externally rated job demand and control were associated with depression diagnosis claims in a heavy industrial cohort.

Theoretical Foundations of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

December 1996

A unique, in-depth discussion of the uses and conduct of cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs) as decision-making aids in the health and medical fields, Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine is...

Taxation, Regulation, and Addiction: A Demand Function for Cigarettes Based on Time-Series Evidence

April 1993

This work analyzes the effects of prices, taxes, income, and anti-smoking regulations on the consumption of cigarettes in California (a 25-cent-per-pack state tax increase in 1989 enhances the...

Craving is Associated with Smoking Relapse: Findings from Prospective Studies

December 1997

Do Cigarette Warning Labels Reduce Smoking? Paradoxical Effects among Adolescents

December 1997

Health Impact Assessment of Global Climate Change: Expanding upon Comparative Risk Assessment Approaches for Policy Making

April 2008

Climate change is projected to have adverse impacts on public health. Cobenefits may be possible from more upstream mitigation of greenhouse gases causing climate change.

Econometrics of Outcomes Research, The

December 1998

Strategy and Cost in Investigating Pulmonary Nodules and Mass Lesions

December 1998

OBJECTIVE: To compare the probability of cancer in a solitary pulmonary nodule using standard criteria with Bayesian analysis and result of 2- [F-18] fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose-positron emission...

Biological Terrorism and Public Health

April 2001

A biological terrorist attack probably would first be detected by doctors or other health-care workers.

Intergenerational Health Disparities: Socioeconomic Status, Women's Health Conditions, and Child Behavior Problems

July 2005

Objective: Relatively little is known about the intergenerational mechanisms that lead to social disparities in child health.

Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response: Use of Information Technologies and Decision Support Systems

June 2002

The Nation's capacity to respond to bioterrorism depends in part on the ability of clinicians and public health officials to detect, manage, and communicate during a bioterrorism event.

HIV Transmission and the Cost-Effectiveness of Methadone Maintenance

December 2000

OBJECTIVES: This study determined the cost-effectiveness of expanding methadone maintenance treatment for heroin addiction, particularly its effect on the HIV epidemic.

Nation's Health, The

December 2003

This compendium of articles provides a clear view of the factors affecting the health of Americans and the role of public health, medical care, and the community in ensuring the nation's health....

Regionalization of bioterrorism preparedness and response

May 2004

The anthrax attacks of 2001, the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and weapons of mass destruction tabletop exercises have made it clear that no single community can prepare...

Prevention of hepatitis C virus infection

May 2004

In spite of advances made in our understanding of the biology of the hepatitis C virus (HCV), the epidemiology and natural history of HCV infection, and the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, the...

Analytic Tools for Public-Health Decision Making

September 2002

Validation of Two Models to Estimate the Probability of Malignancy in Patients with Solitary Pulmonary Nodules

October 2007

Background: Effective strategies for managing patients with solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN) depend critically on the pre-test probability of malignancy.

Heat or Eat? Cold-Weather Shocks and Nutrition in Poor American Families

July 2003

Objectives The authors sought to determine the effects of cold-weather periods on budgets and nutritional outcomes among poor American families.

New Opportunities for Integrated Child Health Systems: Results from the Multi-faceted Pre-to-Three Program

November 2003


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