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Effects of Externally Rated Job Demand and Control on Depression Diagnosis Claims in an Industrial Cohort

December 2009

This study examined whether externally rated job demand and control were associated with depression diagnosis claims in a heavy industrial cohort.

Impact of a Program to Diminish Gender Insensitivity and Sexual Harassment at Medical School

May 2000

Eli Ginzberg: Man of Many Parts

December 2002

The world of Eli Ginzberg can readily be thought of as a triptych-a career in three parts.

Gender Differences in Help-Utilization and the Eight-Year Course of Alcohol Abuse

December 2002

Ventral Striatal Hyporesponsiveness During Reward Anticipation in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

March 2007

Background: Although abnormalities in reward processing have been proposed to underlie attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), this link has not been tested explicitly with neural probes....

Magnitude and Nature of Risk Selection in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, The

December 2004

Objective: To determine whether health maintenance organizations (HMOs) attract enrollees who use relatively few medical resources and whether a simple risk-adjustment system could mitigate or...

Costs of decedents in the Medicare program: implications for payments to Medicare + Choice plans, The

February 2004

OBJECTIVE: To discuss and quantify the incentives that Medicare managed care plans have to avoid (through selective enrollment or disenrollment) people who are at risk for very high costs, focusing...

Cost-effectiveness of screening with B-type natriuretic peptide to identify patients with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction

March 2004

OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of screening patients with a B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) blood test to identify those with depressed left ventricular...

Economics of one-stage versus two-stage bilateral total knee arthroplasties

September 2003

Patients requiring bilateral total knee arthroplasties may have both joints replaced simultaneously during one hospitalization (one-stage) or during two separate hospitalizations (two-stage).

Effects of September 11: A Rift Between Europe and America

July 2004

Covering the intricate facets of America's most important democratic tradition, this book serves as an important resource to understand how citizens' views are translated into governmental action....

Gender and Restructuring: Perestroika and Soviet Women

December 1993

Chapter in Democratic Reform and the Position of Women in Transitional Economies, edited by Valentine Moghadam.

Gender Differences in Child Survival in Contemporary Rural China: A County Study

January 2004

Using data from a survey of deaths of children less than 5 years old conducted in 1997 in a county in Shaanxi Province, China, this paper examines gender differences in child survival in...

Equality and Difference: Regional Courts and Women's Human Rights

September 2004

Women's human rights lie at the intersection of two intellectual and political movements: gender equality, and multiculturalism.

No Longer Complacent?: Why Israeli Women Did Not Rebel

December 2005

Why did Israeli women not fight for social equality until the late 1980s? And what changed their individual and collective willingness to act?

Polygyny, Fertility, and Savings

December 2005

Sub-Saharan Africa has a high incidence of polygyny.

Gender and Use of Care: Planning for Tomorrow's Veterans Health Administration

October 2007

Background: Historically, men have been the predominant users of Veterans Health Administration (VHA) care.

Trends in inpatient treatment intensity among Medicare beneficiaries at the end of life

April 2004

OBJECTIVE: Although an increasing fraction of Medicare beneficiaries die outside the hospital, the proportion of total Medicare expenditures attributable to care in the last year of life has not...

Demographic Transition and the Sexual Division of Labor, The

September 2005

This paper presents a theory where increases in female labor force participation and reductions in the gender wage-gap are generated as part of the same process of demographic transition that leads...

National trends in statin use by coronary heart disease risk category

May 2005

BACKGROUND: Only limited research tracks United States trends in the use of statins recorded during outpatient visits, particularly use by patients at moderate to high cardiovascular risk.

Gender Difference in Hospital Mortality and Use of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Acute Myocardial Infarction: Microsimulation Analysis of the 1999 Nationwide French Hospitals Database

December 2007

Background: Women with acute myocardial infarction have a higher hospital mortality rate than men.

Pediatric Anthrax: Implications for Bioterrorism Preparedness

August 2006

Objectives:To systematically review the literature about children with anthrax to describe their clinical course, treatment responses, and the predictors of disease progression and mortality.Data...


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