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The Gendered Dimensions of Sex Trafficking

June 2012

Sourcebook Volume 1–Women Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration: Sociodemographic Characteristics and Use of VHA Care

December 2011

The Sourcebook is the result of ongoing Veterans Health Administration (VHA) efforts aimed at understanding the effects of military service on women’s lives.

South Korean Social Movements: From Democracy to Civil Society

May 2011

This book explores the evolution of social movements in South Korea by focusing on how they have become institutionalized and diffused in the democratic period.

Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis in Countries with High Tuberculosis Burdens: Individual Risks and Social Determinants

January 2011

Background A growing body of evidence supports the role of type 2 diabetes as an individual-level risk factor for tuberculosis (TB), though evidence from developing countries with the highest TB...

No follow-up after positive newborn screening: Medical neglect?

December 2010

Abstract The current study examined medical professionals' behaviors related to reporting medical neglect when a family is noncompliant with follow-up services after a positive newborn...

Scaling Up Circumcision Programs in Southern Africa: The Potential Impact of Gender Disparities and Changes in Condom Use Behaviors on Heterosexual HIV Transmission

September 2010

Circumcision significantly reduces female-to-male transmission of HIV infection, but changes in behavior may influence the overall impact on transmission.

Choices, Hopes, and Expectations: Does Gender still Shape Access to Basic Education in Rural, Northwest China?

December 2009

Effects of Externally Rated Job Demand and Control on Depression Diagnosis Claims in an Industrial Cohort

December 2009

This study examined whether externally rated job demand and control were associated with depression diagnosis claims in a heavy industrial cohort.

Associations Between Intensity of Child Welfare Involvement and Child Development among Young Children in Child Welfare

September 2009

OBJECTIVE: To examine developmental and behavioral status of children in child welfare (CW) over time, by intensity of CW involvement using a national probability sample.

Political Change in Japan: Electoral Behavior, Party Realignment, and the Koizumi Reforms

August 2009

In the early 1990s, Japanese reformers promised a political transformation: fewer pork-barrel projects, more accountability, and greater transparency. Have these promises been realized?

Use of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators for Primary Prevention in the Community: Do Women and Men Equally Meet Trial Enrollment Criteria?

August 2009

Background Fewer women than men undergo implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) implantation for the primary prevention of sudden cardiac death.

Gender Differences in Procedure-related Adverse Events in Patients Receiving Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator Therapy

March 2009

BACKGROUND: Women are at higher risk than men for adverse events with certain invasive cardiac procedures.

Work Satisfaction, Trauma and Economic Insecurity: Post-tsunami Sri Lanka

January 2009

This paper considers the links between the extent of economic security and subjective work satisfaction.

The Effect of Informal Caregiving on Labor Market Outcomes in South Korea

December 2008

Embedded in traditional culture perpetuating family-centered elderly care, informal care is still viewed as a family or moral issue rather than a social and policy issue in South Korea.

Gender, Citizenship and Political Agency in Lebanon

December 2008

Simple counts of ADL dependencies do not adequately reflect older adults' preferences toward states of functional impairment.

December 2008

OBJECTIVE: To use unweighted counts of dependencies in activities of daily living (ADLs) to assess the impact of functional impairment requires an assumption of equal preferences for each ADL...

Violence Perpetration and Childhood Abuse Among Men and Women in Substance Abuse Treatment

January 2008

Despite an association between violence perpetration and substance use, the characteristics associated with violence among patients in treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs) are not well...

Predicting the Impact of a Partially Effective HIV Vaccine and Subsequent Risk Behavior Change on the Heterosexual HIV Epidemic in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A South African Example

December 2007

We developed a mathematical model to simulate the impact of various partially effective preventive HIV vaccination scenarios in a population at high risk for heterosexually transmitted HIV.

Gender Difference in Hospital Mortality and Use of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Acute Myocardial Infarction: Microsimulation Analysis of the 1999 Nationwide French Hospitals Database

December 2007

Background: Women with acute myocardial infarction have a higher hospital mortality rate than men.

The Veterans Health Administration and Military Sexual Trauma

December 2007

Objectives: We examined the utility of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) universal screening program for military sexual violence.

Gender and Use of Care: Planning for Tomorrow's Veterans Health Administration

October 2007

Background: Historically, men have been the predominant users of Veterans Health Administration (VHA) care.