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Do Resources Matter? Effects of an In-Class Library Project on Student Independent Reading Habits in Primary Schools in Rural China

December 2018

It is commonly believed that reading challenges should be addressed early to reduce the likelihood that developmental delays will impact students over the long term.

Does Teacher Training Actually Work? Evidence from a Large-Scare Randomized Evaluation of a National Teacher Training Program

December 2018

Despite massive investments in teacher professional development (PD) programs in developing countries, there is little evidence on their effectiveness.

Anemia and Student's Educational Performance in Rural Central China: Prevalence, Correlates, and Impacts.

October 2018

Anemia in children impairs physical growth and cognitive development, reducing their overall human capital accumulation.

Assessing Opportunities for Solar Lanterns to Improve Educational Outcomes in Rural Off-Grid Regions: Challenges and Lessons from a Randomized Controlled Trial

September 2018

Solar lanterns are promoted across rural Sub-Saharan Africa to improve both lighting in homes and educational outcomes.

Math and Chinese-Language Learning: Where Are China’s Vulnerable Subpopulations?

September 2018

This paper seeks to understand the learning outcomes that prevail across key subpopulations in China today.

Teachers' Influence on Purchase and Wear of Children's Glasses in Rural China: The PRICE Study

August 2018

Importance:Uncorrected refractive error causes 90% of poor vision among Chi-nese children.Background:Little is known about teachers' influence on children's glasses wear.Design:Cohort study...

Can Reading Programs Improve Reading Skills and Academic Performance in Rural China?

July 2018

In this paper, we attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of reading programs at improving the reading skills and academic achievement of primary school students in rural China.

The Impact of Online Computer Assisted Learning for Disadvantaged Children in Taiwan: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Taiwan

July 2018

The education of poor and disadvantaged populations has been a long-standing challenge for both developed and developing countries.

Impact of Online Computer Assisted Learning on Education: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in China

June 2018

Education of poor and disadvantaged populations has been a long-standing challenge for education systems in both developed and developing countries.

Stereotype Threat and Educational Tracking: A Field Experiment in Chinese Vocational High Schools

June 2018

Educational tracks create differential expectations of student ability, raising concerns that the negative stereotypes associated with lower tracks might threaten student performance.

Revisiting the Role of Human Capital in Development: Discussion

June 2018

This special issue is based on a seminar held at the Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO) in 2017, focusing on human capital.

Human Capital and the Middle Income Trap: How Many of China's Youth Are Going to High School?

June 2018

The objective of this paper is to assess the nature of China’s human capital.

Ability Tracking and Social Trust in China's Rural Secondary School System

June 2018

The goal of this paper is to describe and analyze the relationship between ability tracking and student social trust, in the context of low-income students in developing countries.

China's Invisible Crisis: Cognitive Delays among Rural Toddlers and the Absence of Modern Parenting

June 2018

This article explores the problem of cognitive delays among toddlers in rural China and the role of their caregivers in producing low levels of cognition (i.e., low IQ).

Unequal Access to College in China: How Far Have Poor, Rural Students Been Left Behind?

May 2018

In the 1990s, rural youth from poor counties in China had limited access to college.

Effect of a Local Vision Care Center on Eyeglasses Use and School Performance in Rural China A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

May 2018

Can a county-based vision center increase eyeglasses use and improve school performance among primary schoolchildren in rural China?

The Long-Term Spillover Effects of Changes in the Return to Schooling

April 2018

We study the short and long-term spillover effects of a pay reform that substantially increased the returns to schooling in Israeli kibbutzim.

How Much Should We Trust Estimates from Multiplicative Interaction Models? Simple Tools to Improve Empirical Practice

April 2018

Multiplicative interaction models are widely used in social science to examine whether the relationship between an outcome and an independent variable changes with a moderating variable.

Contract Teachers and Student Achievement in Rural China - Evidence from Class Fixed Effects

April 2018

For schooling to play an important role in the development of human capital, the system of education needs to provide quality education, which among other things requires high-quality teachers....

Assessing the Quality of Upper-Secondary Vocational Education and Training: Evidence from China

March 2018

An increasing number of policymakers in developing countries have made the mass expansion of upper-secondary vocational education and training (VET) a top priority.

From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation and Linkage

February 2018

The development community has increased its focus on higher education over the past two decades, recognizing that education can contribute to building up a country’s capacity for participation in...

The Academic Performance of Primary School Students from Rural China: Distribution and Correlates

January 2018

Purpose – Low levels of human capital in rural China are rooted in the poor schooling outcomes of elementary school students.

Rural education across China's 40 years of Reform: past successes and future challenges

January 2018

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe the policy and trends in rural education in China over the past 40 years; and also discuss a number of challenges that are faced by China’s rural...

Passive Parenting and its Association with Early Child Development

November 2017

This study aims to investigate the developmental status of rural Chinese children, the extent of interactive parenting they receive, and the relation between the two.


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