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Geopolitics of Natural Gas Project Summary: Insights to 2040

August 2005

We summarize four main project results that should dominate strategic thinking about the next three decades' shift to increasing reliance on natural gas: An integrated global gas market will emerge...

IPP Experience in the Philippines, The

September 2005

The Philippines occupies a unique position in the global experience with energy sector reform and independent power producers.

Beyond Free Electricity: The Cost of Electric Cooking in Poor Households and a Market-friendly Alternative

July 2005

The South African government is introducing a poverty-reduction policy that will supply households with a monthly 50kWh "Free Basic Electricity (FBE)" subsidy.

Natural Gas Sector Reform in India: Case Study of a Hybrid Market Design

July 2005

The state-owned Indian natural gas sector has been slowly moving towards deregulation for close to a decade.

Natural Gas in India: An Assessment of Demand from the Electricity Sector

October 2007

PESD has concluded a two year collaborative study on the Indian natural gas market with the Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad.

Political Economy of International Infrastructure Contracting, Lessons from the IPP Experience

October 2005

Private investment in electricity generation (so called "independent power producers" or IPPs) in developing countries grew dramatically during the 1990s, only to decline equally dramatically in...

Private Power Production in Mexico: A Country Study

August 2005

IPP Investment Experience in Argentina, The

August 2005

China's Electric Power Market: The Rise and Fall of IPPs

July 2005

IPP Investment Experience in Malaysia, The

December 2005

Indian Electricity Market: Country Study and Investment Context, The

August 2006

India stands out in the IPP study as the second largest developing country market and features an evolving legal and regulatory regime created in the early 1990s specifically to promote investment...

Egyptian IPP Experience, The

August 2000

Independent Power Producers in Thailand

August 2005

IPP Experience in the Brazilian Electricity Market, The

October 2005

The Brazilian energy sector reform followed a textbook model from early 1990s Latin America - specifically Chile and Argentina - premised on introducing competition to the wholesale power market...

Incorporating stress in electric power systems reliability models

November 2005

Electric power systems can be disrupted by a variety of circumstances impacting failure and recovery rates.

The Effects of Power Sector Reform on Energy Services for the Poor

December 2005

This report examines the connections, if any, between efforts to enhance development through electrification of the world's poorest households with the parallel efforts to introduce market forces...

Greenhouse Gas Implications in Large Scale Infrastructure Investments in Developing Countries: Examples from China and India

March 2006

Engaging developing countries is essential to creating meaningful international regimes to address climate change.

Terrorist Speech and the Future of Free Expression

December 2005

On June 16, 2002, Dennis Pluchinsky, a senior intelligence analyst at the U.S. Department of State, wrote an article in the Washington Post calling for censorship.

Generating Power and Controversy: Understanding Tanzania's Independent Power Projects

March 2006

This report provides a detailed summary of how and why IPPs developed in Tanzania as well as their impact to date.

Making Small Work: Business Models for Electrifying the World

September 2007

Despite over a century of investment in electric power systems, there are roughly 1.6 billion people who lack access to electricity service, mainly in rural areas.

Beyond free electricity: The costs of electric cooking in poor households and a market-friendly alternative

November 2006

The South African government is introducing a poverty-reduction policy that will supply households with a monthly 50 kWh free basic electricity (FBE) subsidy.

The Future of Natural Gas in India: A Study of Major Consuming Sectors

October 2007

PESD has concluded a two year collaborative study on the Indian natural gas market with three India research groups- A.T.

IPP Study Case Selection and Project Outcomes: An Additional Note

October 2006

During 2004-06, the Program on Energy & Sustainable Development undertook a study of the experience of independent power producers ("IPPs") in developing countries.

The Obsolescing Bargain Redux: Foreign Investment in the Electric Power Sector in Developing Countries

December 2006

As part of PESD's ongoing research on power sector reform, the program has focused on the special role of independent power projects (IPPs).